On The New Year.

I don’t know about any of you but the year 2008 was a tough one, many deaths, many dear people to me got ill , my pregnancy was very hard and work was soooo boring and I hated it which is a first becaue I always loved my job and  many other difficulties.

But there was one thing that made all of that float away.

Behold the toes:


They are kinda stinky, like the year 2008.

Although the year was bad it is one of my favouritess because peanut came along and I love her to death. She drools like it’s her business.

I don’t have any resolutions cos as I said earlier I like to make my resolutions in the summer when I am more likely to fulfill them (never, hehehe) but I wish you all a happy, successful and fun year!

Happy new year everyone.


13 Responses

  1. Happy 2009 to you and your family too. hope it will be a much happier one than 2008 to all.

  2. In the middle of winter…the poor kid, someone buy him some socks!

    j/k 😛

    happy new year 7aki

  3. aw so cute..i love baby toes…i am still in love with bilal’s toes and he is not a baby anymore..
    happy new year to u and your family…i hope 2009 will be a better year for u..:) 2008 sucked for me too…hmmm i guess it sucked for a lot of people…

  4. same to you 🙂

  5. Why don’t you smother those toes in chocolate – they’d stink less and taste good when you kiss them 😀

    Wow, what would happen when peanut grows up to know you were kissing The Toes LOOOOOOOOOL omg she’s gonna enslave you!

  6. happy new year 7aki for you and your family

  7. Summer: I wish the same to you too summer 🙂 .

    Hani: HAHAHAH, well we don’t live in a cave, we have central heating 😛 .
    Happy new year Hani.

    Sam: My Gosh the toes, I really LOVE them. I hope you have a better year too Sam 🙂 .

    posh: 😀 .

    KJ: Without kissing the toes I am already enslaved, that’s what kids do to you.

    the Observer: Thanks Fadi, I wish you success in the next year.

  8. My friend from was in deep love with her baby’s toes, she kept kissing them while breastfeeding him, now he’s over 1 yr old and whenever she breastfeeds him he keeps his foot up hitting her face, requesting kisses the whole time! It looks soo funny 😀
    I love toes too but my favourites are thighs!! 😀
    happy new year to you 7aki family!!

  9. I meant from Romania**

  10. Happy new yew year!

  11. (()) happy new year. I even drew a rose for u … 😉

  12. they screwed my rose …. frack !

  13. Nido : OMG the thighs are addictive, I gobble them up and peanut bursts into laughter. Allah yikhalolek Mariyah ( can never get the spelling of her name right, soorrrrrry)

    Thanks Nizar, have a happy new year too!

    Bam: HAHAHAHAHAHA Bas I want to see the Rose!!!!!!
    Kul saneh wa inta salem Bam 😀 . Love your Icon.

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