I can’t believe it has been 8 years since Baba 7aki and I got married!

Yesterday we celebrated our 8th year anniversary with a nice simple quiet dinner kid free, we decided that this year will be celebrated simply with no gifts or nothing.

Ok that is a lie, both of me AND baba 7aki forgot about the anniversary, HAHAHAHAHA I swear we both forgot!

I got a text message from my brother in law congratulating us for the anniversary and I was like YIKES. and then grandfather 7aki called baba 7aki at work to congratulate him and he was like YIKES.

So baba 7aki calls me and I burst out laughing as soon as I pick up the phone. He was like “walik happy anniversary” and I was like “I KNOWWWWWWW” HAHAHAHAHAHA.

I think he was scared to death that I knew it was our anniversary and I was testing him and he failed . Hmmmm, I should have done that. Hehehehe.

Little 7aki made us a present though 🙂 it’s down there for your viewing pleasure.

Little 7aki art

To the left is baba 7aki. What’s that thing on top of his head?
I am on the right.
Little 7aki wrote Dad and Mom and dictated the rest to taita 7aki .
I wonder what’s worse, little 7aki’s handwriting or taita’s? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

10 Responses

  1. Kol saneh ou inti salmeeen:) many returns of the day…

  2. *can’t keep his eyes off that piece of dried mucus in the middle*

  3. inshalla el 3omor kollo ya rab, allah y5aleekom la ba3ad

  4. mashaAllah
    happy anniversary, many happy returns
    rabena yes3edko wey5aliko leba3d.

  5. Happy anniversary 😀

    P.S. that weird thing in the middle of the tissue bugs me…

  6. KJ: it seems that it bugs all guys.. ;P

  7. Nido, Maioush, jessyz: Thanks! 3o2balkom.

    KJ and Nizar: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It’s glitter glue. So kinda like shiny glittery mucus.

  8. haha ..neat story
    happy anniversary

  9. why mama 7aki is little deformed on the right and baba 7aki looks large

    and out of all the colors, you only chose orange.

  10. Za3tar: Thanks!

    Hamza: Hahahaha, her picture of us mirrors reality.
    Beats me about the orange. She does funny stuff like that.

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