It’s -20 degrees which feels like -31

K-I-L-L   M-E    N-O-W.

And to top things off my Mom is leaving tommorow, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Biddi mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


10 Responses

  1. awwwwwwww bel salameh inshalla

    -20 ha?

    It is +20 here 😉

  2. KJ: I HATE YOU!!!!! Wanna trade places?

  3. I’m sorry to hear about the cold weather, here in Arizona we’re also complaining of cold weather, I mean it can drop to as low as 50 at night, thank God it’s warm during the day, like 70 degrees or so, with a lottttt of SUNSHINE and lovely weather, tanning, swimming, stuff like that…. and again lottts of SUNSHINE and GREAT WARM WEATHER

  4. I miss summer 😦

  5. it’s 65 here…a lil bit cold:) I can never live in a freezing country!! when My cousin calls me from chicago complaining I feel so sorry for her 😦

    P.S: me too…biddi mamaaa:(

  6. 7aram I won’t kill you..
    but instead, I’d leave you outside till you freeze to death and then I break your limbs. 😛

  7. Since when did Jersey be as cold as friggin’ canada? ugh!
    tousal ur mom bl salameh… 🙂

  8. Hareega: 😥

    Nizar: meee tooooo.

    Nido: HAHAHHAA. Biddi maaaaamaaaaaaaaaa

    hamza: wow very descriptive how you want to kill me.

    Batoul: I always thought NJ was cold too, no?

  9. aw 7aram 7aki…how will u manage with 2 kids without your mama…my mom broke her leg 3 days before i gave birth…so i had no mama’s help…waaaaaaaah…i tried to make that cinammon drink that we do when we have babies …and it turned out horrible…i need mama to come and do it for me….she lives 40min away and has not seen the baby yet…darned weather..it has been too cold to take the baby out to see her..o well…

  10. Sam: HAHAHAH about the cinnamon drink. You mean karawyah? It came out of my ears!

    Poor Sam, how are you managing without mom? I hope all is well, you sound like you are doing well.

    And the weather, you should get yourself one of those cozy covers, the baby will not feel a thing, check it out. This link is to show you what it is, you can get it at walmart.


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