The Best Brownies Recipe EVER.

Today I will share with you THE BEST brownies recipe you will ever EVER eat.

You will lick your fingers after you are done eating them.

It’s my secret recipe.

Are you ready to handle the brownies, OK here goes.

First you need this:


Then follow the instructions on the box.

HAHAHAHAHAHHA. I swear they are THE best brownies, screw from scratch when you can get boxed heaven. And nobody has to know it’s from a box. Mwahaaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaaa.

(Sorry Summer if you thought I will actually have a recipe, hehehehe)


11 Responses

  1. 😦
    I thought it was for real, disappointing 😛

  2. LOL, 7aki, great minds think alike, I knew from the wind up you had Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker in mind. Finger lickin’ good.

  3. Can’t believe it, today me my brother and his wife we ate from this brownies “the same brand ” which is v v delicious, and we ate it hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the top..yum yum 🙂


    On the same note, you wanna know the recipe for the best cookies in whole wide world? It’s in a package of a Nestle Toll House break-n-bake!

  5. LMAO

    I make gourmet dinners by following the instructions and no one knows!

  6. Hahahaha, I still think the one’s on the Toll House Cocoa box are yummier!

  7. I actually thought that you might have a recipe from scratch,
    i do agree that this one out of this particular box is heaven and no doubt about it…although my “from scratch” recipe kicks a** ! i gotta make it now and post it so you can compare if you feel like it. Oh, God, it has been few years since i made brownies from scratch, you know, the kids are out of the house and i am not big on making sweets…
    thanks for sharing and for posting my link 🙂 always appreciated !

  8. yeh those r yummmmmmmmmmy…but it is not allowed in my house anymore….

  9. Nizar: HAHAHAHA I remember you make wicked Brownies (according to you 😛 )

    Kinzi: Srsly Kinzi 🙂 .

    whisper: But please notice, it’s chocolate chunk, HAS to be chocolate chunk. yummmmmmmm. I am eating one right now.

    Asoom: ooooh I will try it.

    KJ: yeeeeeeeeee, you fake dinners??? tsk tsk tsk 😛

    jessys: I have to try it then 😀 . hehehehe

    summer: please do, I can do scratch, but only if you promise it’s better than this one 😀 .

    sam: 7aram 3alaiky, BAN!!! It’s like you just said that you don’t believe in heaven.

  10. LOOOL. I hate you. You got me for a while. 😛

  11. Ha! Ha! He! I like you got your friend and me too(smile) I’ll try
    Ms Crocker but still need a R for my Scharffen Berger (62% cacao) their site has great R’s I’d like to try somethig different.

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