Why Kids These Days Think They Had It Hard

So yesterday I got this email and I posted it here (You have to read this first before you read this post), then one of the guys who got the email wrote this, and I was laughing soooo hard it is soooooooo funny:

Whatever, that’s nothing!
When I was young, I had to bend behind the computer and take the phone cord out of my phone and plug it into a modem. Do you have any idea how dusty it is behind a computer desk?!? Then I had to wait like 3 minutes while the Internet connected via slow dial-up connection. It would make all these crazy computer & static noises, it was horrible!
Oh, and we didn’t have these fancy MP3 players or IPODS…noooooooo, I had to burn a good old fashioned Compact Disc! I had to log onto Napster, which would take my damn dial-up Internet about 8 minutes to load. Then I had to search for songs, half of which were viruses! It would take like 2 hours to download one illegally-shared song! Then after downloading enough songs to make a CD, I would literally have to sit there and wait a good 30 minutes while my HP Home PC, Windows 98 Version would burn the CD.
These kids don’t know how good they have it these days!!
End Rant.


8 Responses

  1. So dial-up connection is that old huh?

  2. Lolz Thats very very funny

  3. Now I feel so old!

  4. LOL, I relate to some extent too 😛

  5. hehehehehhehe


    I can relate to that! Sometimes I’d start telling my 11-year-old brother: You know we didn’t always have wireless internet, we had to wait for it to connect! at which point i’d receive cold “are u freaking kidding me?” stares from my parents and I would proceed to shutting up 😦

  7. HA HA HA!

  8. Farah: LOL.

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