Peanut turned 4 months a couple of days ago.

Oh my how time flies!

She can grab things now with her little tiny hands and guide them to her mouth.

She can squeal and kick her feet with excitement.

She still drools like it’s her bidness (for real she drools a lot, like A LOT).

She has a ticklish spot where I am guaranteed to make her laugh ( on her sides, she goes nuts).

She is one plump monkey (for real, think of  her as in on her way to becoming a Michelin (wo)man) ( knock on wood y’all).

She looks me in the eye when I sing to her and coos with delight.

When I yell at her sister (little 7aki is driving me NUTS)  while she sits on my lap she smiles thinking I am talking to her. Ilhabla, only if she knew what in store for her, LOL.

She has a completely bald spot on the back of her head, HILARIOUS. Like TOTALLY bald. I like to sniff it and kiss it.

Her feet are still stinky, HAHAHAHAHA.

And the list goes on and on.

I can’t believe how much I  am enjoying peanut and little 7aki.

I love them so much that my heart swells when I watch them sleep. Yeah I watch them sleep like a stalker, especially little 7aki, she is growing (four) and I miss her already.I am terrified of the day she will want to be independent, I want my baby back 😦 .

I want “baby” little 7aki back who used to say bubooz (bubbles) 😦 .

She now drinks hot (HOT) chocolate 😦 and and she tells me ” chill mom”  (CHILL?????)  and and and she she she gives me back massages (well, ok,  I like this part, hehehehe) and she says “This meal is scrumptious” ( like, who says that???). And and she tells me ” Moooooom, why are you not leaving, goooooooooo” when the baby sitter shows up when baba 7aki and I are going out.

I want my baby back


On a lighter note, because little 7aki loves peanut so much and I don’t know why it is when you love something  so much you just want to squeeze it (fa3es). Little 7aki says, “I can’t taaaaaaaaaaaaaake it I want to squeeze her little head”. So we came up with a solution. Every-time peanut looks cute we would squeeze each other, HAHAHAHAHA. I squeeze little 7aki and she squeezes me.

I guess peanut has been too cute lately cos my cheeks hurt peoples!


7 Responses

  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    LOOOOOOOOL @ you group squeezing. Keep that up and ya’ll are gonna grow flat LOL!

  2. how cuuuuuuuute.

    tedrabi. for a moment, I wished i could fast forward my life to the point that I have chubby kids. 😛

  3. 4 months already…i was just talking to my freind and she said her baby just turned 4 fast time goes by eh?? did u notice that little 7aki grew up a bit now that she is a big sister??? i am feeling bilal maturing by the minute now..and all of the sudden he looks so big! just 3wks ago he was so tiny in my eyes! but i guess when u compare a 4yo to a newborn they look like giants…

  4. chilllll 7aki chilll…looool…yr lil ones are soooo cute…Allah yikhallihom la ba3ad! Your post makes me want to see my baby as a sister :$

  5. Masha2allah, rabena ye5alihomlek! Heheh we squeeze our baby’s cheeks and she bites our cheeks, all is fair with chubby cheeks.

  6. Seriously, I loved every bit of this post. As I read it, I felt sorta envious – in a good way. Like I want my own kids and I want to love them, play with them, and watch them grow. I am definitely feeling broody but no man to consummate it 😛

    God bless them 🙂

  7. KJ: Too much fa3es around here. LOL.

    Hamza: Man get married wu khalisna . hahahahaha. You and KJ need to get married pronto . Well not to each other.

    Sam: isn’t it crazy? As soon as peanut was born little 7aki matured sooooo fast it’s amazing.

    Nido: Mahoo once you have one might as well get more. Mahi kharbaneh kharbaneh, LOOOOL.

    jessyz: all fair in love and big cheeks (name that saying). Allah yikhalilek your little girl.

    Posh: HAHAHAHA@I am definitely feeling broody but no man to consummate it.
    Trust me I write these posts so when they are driving me nuts I read them then my urge to throw them out the window goes away, HAHAHAHHA. 7ayataty the girls.

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