Déjà vu

Who Would have thought the 7aki household would have another eggsplosion.

You need proof? You can’t handle the proof.


HAHAHAHAHAHA Baba 7aki is HILARIOUS. And yup, he had to clean it up.

Since this is a regular occurrence at the 7aki household I created a blog category for it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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16 Responses

  1. LOL, 7aki, I thought you were going to tell us you were pregnant again!!!

    (Thats our golden rule: you make the mess, you clean it up).

  2. yeeeee….lessa the other day- I dont know why- I told my husband about yr previous eggsplosion and he was shocked! hahahaha…it looks scary and yucky too!! Allah yi3eeeno miskeeen! lol

  3. Gross! At least he cleaned it up. Maybe u need to put up a No eggs is the microwave sign.

  4. HAHA 😀
    Eggsplosion ^^

    It seems fun and is not hard to clean after 😛

  5. Kinzi: 😯 . Imagine????

    nido: So you sent those vibes our waaaay . LOL. He said ” but I did it for a shorter time and was waiting for it to eggsplode.” HAHHAHAHHA ta7sheeeesh.

    jessys: or print this picture and put it next to the microwave.

    Nizar:Well the sound is really really loud, you should try it 😛 .

  6. this seems to be a recurrent problem with tinkerbella as well

  7. I can’t wait for this post
    “mommy, mommy … look I’m making sparkles in the microwave with this aluminum foil. They are perrrrrrrrrty”

  8. Too many jokes in my mind right now!

  9. Asoom: What is it with men and hard boiled eggs?

    bam: Once my then 36 year old brother in law was about to heat something up with foil and I ran to him, noooooooooooooo. He had no idea. Weird he didn’t know that.

    KJ: please share 😛 .

  10. ewwwwwwwww!! good luck to baba 7aki…cleaning the microwave has got to be the most annoying job ever…
    btw is there an arabic grocery store in burlington?? or in oakville u know of?? maybe my husband will not die everytime i ask him to pick up something if there is one not too far away from his work…..

  11. Hey Sam: Yes there’s one in Burlington called Nabeel (or abut Nabeel? not sure) . It’s on plains road and they have good stuff. It’s next to the restaurant tarboush. Not sure about the exact address though, I’ll have to ask hubs. There’s one in Hamilton on hte mountain that is really really good, called Sam’s (they call him Salti) .

  12. yeh i know salti…we have been loyal customers for over 20yrs…so plains and what?? i will be in burlington tomorrow so i might try the nabeel or abu store…

  13. It’s on plains Road between Brant and Maple, across the street from discount rent a car.

  14. I remember my one and only eggsplosion. It was the old fashioned kind. You remember, the stove-top-cooked-the water-out-and-now-the-eggs-are-sailing- across-the-room type. I learned my lesson. I was like 9. I think it’s a guy thing…

  15. looool. Chickens must sue you 😛

  16. […] happened was that the washing machine broke down and to continue a tradition of eggsplosion 1 and eggsplosion 2 baba 7aki decided to branch out a little into: […]

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