On January 29th 2007 I decided to start this blog for one reason or another and I can’t believe I am still doing it!

It has been 2 years , 332 posts, over 4,900 comments and over 135,000 hits since this blog started . My busiest day I got 2,739 visitors, I was shocked that so many people would visit my blog in one day! And for What? For 7aki Fadi.

I have to say the novelty has definitely worn off but I still kinda enjoy it in a way.

I was going to share some of my favorite posts but I have a lot of favorites , and besides, it’s all 7aki Fadi anyways.

So here’s to two years of blogging. Will I last another 2 years? We’ll see.


14 Responses

  1. Happy bloggoversary! 😀

    I’ve learned never to drink anything while reading your posts because they always end up on the computer screen lol. (or eat for that matter, I end up choking)

    LOL anyway, mabrook!

  2. Congradulations… 3o2bal kaman 100 saneh of 7aki fadi…. i enjoy it very much….:)

  3. Kul sintayn oo inti saalmeh!!! Keep it up!!!!!

  4. Happy blog-birthday ^^

  5. Great job 7aki fadi, your blog is anything but 7aki fadi, except that dog story it killed me

  6. Yaaay! Happy Blogiversary Birthday thingie.

  7. A7la shi el 7aki Fadi 😉 hehe

    Good times 🙂

  8. lol..I can’t believe that I’ve been blogging longer than you and I didn’t reach the 100th

    happy blogging

  9. Congralutations! Here’s hoping for 20 more ears of 7aki Fadi with our favorite 7aki.

  10. Congratulations!

    am green with envious!
    am new to this blogging thing, so i hope I’ll make it for two years.

  11. Habbly Bilsday!

    Yes I am surprised you’re still here. My vile plans to take over your blog have failed miserably

  12. Farah: HAHAHAHA. For real? That’s so funny, the funny thing is I don’t think I’m funny at all. For real.
    Thanks 🙂 .

    Mais: Thanks A lot Mais 😀 .

    Kinzi: Our blogs were born around the same time . Thanks !

    Nizar: Thanks.

    Hareega: HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. I had to search my blog since I am like, what dog is he talking about and you are OF COURSE talking about that book, my apologies, LOL.
    And by the way, YOU KILL me when I read your blog, from laughter.

    jess: Thanks.

    Posh: Every time I read your name I think of posh spice, LOL.

    Hamza: You need to blog dude! How are you by the way?

    Momma: awww thanks MommaBean. You make me blush.

    Blue: Thanks, good luck with your blogging.

    KJ: Victory is MINE.

  13. Happy 2 year Bday! Mabrookalation.. 3o2baly 😛

  14. Thanks Nunu.

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