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This is an old old tag that I tagged myself with, yeah, it seems that tags are kind of dead. But I am soooooooo bored that I decided to do this tag after seeing it at Roba’s and Hal’s blogs sooo long ago I can’t even find them to link them.

So here goes:

1) My Wallet that is sooo stuffed to the point the clasp broke, but I looooove it and I don’t want to get another one. But I have to 😦 .

2) Lip gloss and lipstick, let me see, 1,2,3,4,5,6. Why would anybody need 6????

3) Body Butter from “The Body Shop”. OMG this makes my skin soooooooo smooooooooth, I really looooooove it. Ladies (and gents) If you have never experienced body butter, my soul cries for you.

4) Sample perfumes I got when I bought some perfumes (I am a confessed perfume whore). I use them if I forget to put perfume before I leave home or if I want to bribe little 7aki. She loves perfume too. Like mother like daughter.

5) The book ” God is not great: How religion poisons everything” . Pretty interesting book, I’m reading it slower than I would like and I am liking it so far, very interesting. Check out this interview with the author (warning, may offend some people)

6) My IPod and it’s stuff.

7) The phone.

8 ) My cheque book. I use it a lot.

9) Three pens and a pencil. OK so the Daisy Duck one is a present from William. I LOVE IT so I keep it in my purse. The other one is a fancy bling bling pen, I gave it to little 7aki and somehow it ended up in my purse and a Disney princesses pencil and a little mini pen. Why do I have four writing implements and not ONE piece of paper???? Baffling.

10) Stickers. Yeah, Moms roll like that. Hehehehe

11) My work badge. Considering I have not worked since Sept 1st, 2008 it surprises me that this is still in my purse.

12) My Subway tokens purse thingy. LOVE IT. It’s a little butterfly.

13) Two things of floss, toothpaste, a brush ups sample. I’ve never tried the brush ups, are they any good?

14) A bunch of gift cards from Gap, Sears, Pottery Barn and Mastermind. Why do I still have these cards? I should go and use them. Oh I forgot, I am home with baby all the time and the weather sucks MAJOR ass.

15) Wet napkin.

16) Gum.

The End

So what’s in your purse.

And Please please please people do this tag I am bored and I would like people to do it so I can get some entertainment.

Men can do bed side table tag 🙂

The End

PS: What’s the difference between a bag and a purse?

PPS: If you reached this far down in the post you deserve a medal, for real.

PPPS: The End


12 Responses

  1. You forgot the plunger!

    Just kidding, the contents of your bag can keep you alive and entertain you for days in case of emergency isolation ^^

  2. […] right next to the keys. Yes. I try to keep my lips irresistible!that huge ass screen (still showing 7aki Fadi’s blog post about this tag)some coffee cups. the one on the left is today’s! Don’t judgesome CD that I had to […]

  3. lol..for me to go though this whole post is a sign of how much entertainment I need.

    I have things similar to yours in my laptop bag, like the floss, 3 pens (black, blue and red), and wet napkins

    I never use a checkbook. That’s why they have credit cards.

  4. […] of) and I should be sleeping/watching TV/straightening the catastrophe that is my hair today, but I 7aki’s pleas to participate in the tag have softened my heart and got me to go look for the camera (which took […]


    My bed side table contains: nothing!

    You should ask what the back of my car has 😀 LOL or my PC table

    Hamza – bas tekbar and you own a place or are renting, you need a checkbook 😛


    My car contains:
    – hand sanitizer
    – phone charger
    – spectacles cleaner
    – car owership card and whatever documents
    – black jacket, blue jacket
    – gym bag and shoes (no they don’t smell, washed daily)
    – 6 folders of some learning materials course
    – food leftovers and crumbs, if reconstructed could make a whole mcdonald’s meal
    – perfumes
    – hair brush
    – my sister


    my PC desk has, other than the PC stuff:
    – latest edition of a magazing (former editions go into their proper places)
    – my watch, sunglasses, wallet and other “wearables”
    – bills
    – bills
    – bills
    – over 30 pens and pencils (i only use one)
    – peter

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  7. Why do u have two floss thingies? No toothpicks?

  8. Wots with the gum and toothpaste
    Sounds fun!

  9. […] Mab3oos, 7ajara,  7aki and […]

  10. good lord

  11. Sounds like an interesting book! What happened to the book club? 😛

  12. KJ: about Hamza growing up, HAHAHAHAHHAA. And you are so lazy, using my blog for the tag 😛

    jess, sauber: Have nooooooooo idea.

    mo: What seems to be the problem? LOL.

    Observer: The book club is on hold due to baby, Asooms exams and Hamza being such a slow reader it’s not even funny, LOL..

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