The Hour

The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos on CBC Television is THE BEST show on Canadian Television.

Sure, George’s name is a tongue twister but interviewing the best of the best seems soooo easy when he does it.

His interviews are effortless, interesting and he never asks the cliché questions.

You can watch almost all of his interviews  here.

He is so talented. I want to be him when I grow up.

P.S.: Not to be mixed with George Stephanopoulos


5 Responses

  1. He screwed up big time when he moderated the obama-clinton debate, asked dumb questions, it was probably the worst debate in the whole year.

  2. Hey Hareega, you are mixing him up with George Stephanopoulos. 2 different people

  3. I could go for a stromboli. Are they both Greek? I hate the US George S. What a little *#($

  4. Yes, Stombo’s dad is Greek from Egypt. Check out his Wiki entry.

    I have never watched the American George, is he that bad? Even Hareega hates him.

  5. sorry, didn’t notice that, they both rhyme with george acropolos

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