Little 7aki Mistifies Me!

Little 7aki LOVES to eat the following:

1) Shrimp. Yes, shrimp. She would eat pounds of it if I let her.


2) Spinach. Which some adults don’ t even want to smell.


3) Brie cheese. Like , helloooooooo, who LIKES Brie cheese? Most people hate it. ( I love it)


4) Ask her what’s your favorite vegtable and she will answer in a heart beat: Cauliflower



But tell her to taste a tomatoe and she will look at it as if it was the devil.



11 Responses

  1. HAHAHA 😀 How cute, (he,she?) will grow up and become a very healthy person.

    I love shrimps it’s just not very often that I eat them 😦

  2. cauliflower?!?!? wow…it took me years to like it’s flavor and smell! Good girl lil 7aki:D


    I was one of those kids who loved broccoli! LOL!

    Just know that most of the things kids love now would end up hating later!

  4. my kids are weird too…they love sushi, shrimp…and they love vegetables…ziad favourite thing to munch on is brocoli..i would never eat that without a pound of dip or cooked…….bilal loves to chew on celery …LOL @ the tomatoe…my brother in law would never eat tomatoes…when he is over for dinner we have to make him a special salad without tomatoes…annoying! i wish my kids didnt like tomatoes…it is messy to eat..and usually i am left with tomatoes seeds on the table or floor… annoying to clean up!

  5. Wow! shrimp? spinach? cheese? me and little 7aki have so much in common! I don’t love these foods, I’m obsessed about them. I put shrimp in everything, I love spinach in all of its forms, and cheese is always a great delicacy…..although I admit I’m unsure about the cauliflower

  6. Nizar: It’s a 4.5 year old she 🙂 . I hope she makes the right choices about food when she grows up!

    Nido: I KNOW!!! and guess what , she likes it cooked and not raw!!!!

    KJ: OH NO. Is little 7aki going to turn out like you. RUNS to take broccoli out of little 7akis hand. LOL.

    sam: Good for them! 7aki just finished munching on some celery right now! But i have to admit, celery has a weird taste when it’s raw. I can’t put my finger on the taste. I am trying to think what it tastes like.

    Asoom: HAHAHAHAHA. She loves to read too 😉 .

  7. Great taste in food! I can’t get my midget to eat most veggies so I have to hide them. She THINKS she’s eating chicken nuggets, but they’re actually made of soy. I don’t feel bad lying to her when it’s for her own good 🙂

  8. See I used to do that too but I felt it was encouraging bad eating habits. I started encouraging her to see that she is eating vegetables and it worked!

    Now she asks for it. If I hide it she will grow up with bad eating habits. It was hard but I was able to do it.

  9. ya3 for can anybody love it? I bet little 7aki farts alot. 😛

  10. HAHAHAHAHA Hamza. No she doesn’t!

    Just a little bit. LOOOOOL

  11. Little 7aki reminds me a lot of baby me. Allah y5alelek eyaha 🙂

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