My Technorati Ranking

So I haven’t checked technorati for maybe a year and my ranking now is 27,620 and my authority is  147 😯 .

That’s pretty high(ish) peoples. (Not realy that high).

The question is ………….. why? HAHAHAHAHAHA

I guess people like blogs about nothing.

Find your ranking.


6 Responses

  1. Stop complaining girl and enjoy it…I long for the day where you’ll reach the top 100, and then you can retire at ur prime 😉

  2. sigh

    single girls, don’t let this happen to you

  3. I guess it is more about your sweet character 🙂

  4. You are funny, smart and gorgeous. If you were single, you would need a body-guard. 🙂


  5. lol, that is your authority 😛
    your rank is 27,620.

    Still way better than mine 125,326. ^^

  6. Hamza: You are sweet 🙂 .

    KJ: Single girls get what not to happen to them? This one flew over my head.

    Observer: Awww, thanks Observer. Inta illi sweet wallah, 3anjad.

    Kinzi: Hahahaha. When I was single trust me, boys were not throwing themselves at me. HAHAHAHA.

    Nizar: Oooops, fixed it.

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