OMG I Totally Forgot….

… to wish myself a happy birthday on my blog!!!


Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to 7akiiiiiiii
Happy birthday to meeeeeeee

So baba 7aki got me wicked and I mean WICKED presentSSSSSSS ( stress on the s, hahahaha)

And my birthday was yesterday.

I am 33 years old. YIKES! How did the years fly like that people??? Like, seriously, I don’t understand how I am 33. And I hate odd numbers , they are kind of creepy don’t you think?

And I want the summer to come already, I am freezing my ass here. 25 BELOW zero today, WHY? What purpose does -25 serve, seriously.

OK so I was at the library last week, I am at the library a lot these days, at least once a week and sometimes twice a week and I saw Oprah’s 20th anniversary collection (6 DVD’s) so I borrowed it. And what a fucking bummer those DVD’s were. I wanted to sob while watching half of them.

Like what the hell man, there is crying by people and Oprah in half of the 6 DVD’s. And I am hormonal and a bit sleep deprived.

But they were good, really good, I never realized Oprah was sooo amazing, I always thought she was boring and OMG wanted her to get laid already, hehehehe, but she moved me. And you have to watch this collection.

If I am to take away anything from this collection it would be the one thing that struck me the most and stayed with me. It is the simple act of how you greet or look at your child. Always have a smile on your face when you look at your kid because at a young age children only see a happy loving face or a critical face which gets them to thinking” What did I do wrong now?” or ” My parents don’t love me”, which will cause them to have so much self doubt resulting in low self esteem.

But there is soooo much more, interviews with Nelson Mandela, which was amazing because his talk and resistance of apartheid reminded me of our peoples plight. Also Sidney Poitier who is such an inspiration and many more people.

I have to say, her 20 year collection is very inspiring. I never thought I would say that about Oprah but I kinda like her after watching this.

So if I had a dinner party and I could invite 4 people dead or alive I want to invite:

Oprah, cos she is an icon and she likes to read just like me so it would be interesting to talk to her.
King Husain. I heard he liked fried tomatoes ( gallayet bandora). He is such a charismatic person and was such a legend.
Jon Stewart. He is soooooooooooo funny you gotta love him.
Gerard Butler, because he’s hot. And every dinner table NEEDS hotness. LOOOOOOOL.

Who would you invite?


18 Responses

  1. Awwalan, Happy birthday and many many happy returns of the day o 3ogbal il meet saneh 🙂

    Taaaaaniyan… I don’t like Oprah. just because. 😛 and i highly doubt that her selection is books is her own personal selection, I suspect there are people on her payroll that sit around all day reading books and recommending stuff to her..

    Talitan: since we’re allowed to name dead people, I would invite Joseph, you know, the really pretty prophet just to see how good looking he really was 😀 and I second King Hussein (R.I.P) and I dunno maybe Elissa for the hotness factor 😉

  2. happy birthday 7aki..33 is not a bad number. Its just half the devil’s number of 66. 😀

    Happy birthday Junior Devil..hehehehe

  3. You wouldn’t invite MEEEEEEE?!


    You’re not worth talking to my hand

    or wishing u a happy birthday

    pffft! old woman

  4. the guy got you presentSSSSS then you invite Butler whatever for “hotness” I can’t believe that!

    and happy birthday 7ajjeh.

  5. Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 🙂

    I don’t like odd numbers either! will be 31 this year !

    Would you invite me if Oprah showed up? 😛

  6. Happy happy 7aki 7aki!!

  7. happy birthday 😀 and if you don’t like the number so much you can just use the next one for a couple of years … it’s even 😀
    and jawman …. ewwwwwwwwwww – it must be the ps, i love you virus infected you. atleast you got oprah and not Dr. phil or actually … u should get both over a wonderful opportunity for an ied

  8. هبي بيرزدي momma 7aki :-)..hahaha!
    33 is an awesome number, an awesome age (NOT, you’re too OLD :-P), and it’s Scottie Pippen’s jersey number (I love that guy!).
    Mabrook on za bresents :-).
    Hmm, if I had a dinner party (although that sounds totally gay), I’d invite :
    1- Isareli primse minister Ehud Olmert (for reasons to be explained later)
    2- Anne Hathaway (to distract Ehud while dining)
    3- Tom cruise, playing the role of Nathan Algren in “The Last Samurai”
    I’d then pay Tom to cut off Ehud’s head with his samurai, while being fed shrimp cocktail by Anne.
    Muhahaha, such evil ! 😛
    Enjoy turning 33, it only happens once :-).

  9. Hapy Birthday!

    I would invite Osama Bin Laden, Adolf Hitler, G. W. Bush and Sharon, I would put them all in the same room, drink some whiskey and smoke a cigar while watching fight like chickens.

  10. Bakez:
    Awalan: Thank you
    Tanian: I don’t know why men don’t like Oprah. I think they like her but secretly because it’s not macho to like her 😛
    Talitan: OMG I would totally invite Mohammed and Jesus to dinner come think of it. About Joseph, I wonder who’s standard his prettiness was measured on.

    Hamza: The devils number is 666 not 66. Nice try, HAHAHAHAHAHAH
    Thanks for the wishes 🙂 .

    KJ: Go play outside, LOOOOOOOL.

    Mab3oos: HAHAHAHA, that’s how I roll.
    Thanks 7ajj.

    Observer: 31 was HORRIBLE, seriously, as much as I loved turning 30, 31 sucked.
    If Oprah showed up I would die, then invite you 😀 .

    Kinzi: Thanks!

    بام: That is SUCH a smart Idea, like who likes to be above 34????? I think I will try it out ;D .
    Why is jaw man ew? Besides, he is NOT a jaw man, you are just jealous 😛 . I know he is not a cuddly bear or anything, but he is HAWT.

    Dr. Phil makes me vomit. He is soooooo obvious, I mean his advice is for stupid people who have no common sense or logic.

    Shadz: Thanks , thanks and thanks 🙂 .

    But you can invite 4 people. Who is your fourth?

    Nizar: OMG that would be a crazy party. And do chickens fight? I am not sure about that, hehehehe.

  11. hey hey hey!!! Happy Birthday.. I wanna be just like you when I grow up LOL age admitting able hahahah…. unless thats just your cover age, sigh.

  12. Happy birthday! You’re 33.. that’s how old one generation is, you’re one-generation old…
    I hope you’ll live long enough till you’re one century old, or longer.. one-Sabah old

  13. 7aki, my 4th person would be Cartman from South Park 🙂 hahaha.

  14. Batoul: Yes I am really 33. I don’t get women who lie about their age, I really don’t.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes 😀 .
    And Hey, glad to see you brought your blog back.

    Hareega: Is it really? I am a generation old? So can I use the “When I was your age we had to go to the library to do some research.”? HAHAHAHA
    Thanks ya Hareega, 3o2bal ma inta become 1 generation old.

    Shadz: I love South Park. My favorite oldie is Santa VS. Jesus, it was Cartmans first appearance. SOOO funny!

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  17. Happy birthday!!!

  18. thanks neutron 🙂

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