…. the gums.

Peanuts Gums

Peanuts Gums


6 Responses

  1. gums and nostrils.. one nostril needs some serious pluming 😛 She’s crying isn’t she? Hush little peanut don’t you cry, mama 7aki will poke them in the eye :S

  2. i must change my career to baby eater!

  3. I just woke up and peanut made me go : hahaha, ROF!
    I swear the first thing that popped into my mind was : “hmm, I wonder how they smell” hahaha.
    God bless him 🙂 lovely little critter :-P.

  4. Batoul: HAHAHA, walik it does not need plumbing. And she was not crying, she was smiling, I know babies are confusing, no?

    KJ: I knowwwwwww, I want to eat her up toooo.

    Shadz: HAHAHAHA, they still smell like Vanilla. And peanut is a girl 😛 .

  5. OOOO

    did anybody notice the chubby cheeks? you can literally carry peanut from the cheeks. 😛

  6. yeah Hamza, the cheeks are legendary.

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