The Thing I Miss the Most about Living in Jordan

I never thought I would say this but there is one thing you can’t find here in Canada that you can find in Jordan and the Middle East.

Galaxy chocolate.

When baba 7aki went to Dubai it was the first thing I asked him to get me. I said:” I NEEEEEEED galaxy”

And baba 7aki delivered.

Behold the galaxy:

Yes, it says 24. 24 bars that is.

Yes, it says 24.


17 Responses

  1. I never liked them, I have always felt that people bought them just for the image rather than the taste.

  2. What image? I think they taste AMAZING. I have tried Godiva and I still think galaxy is better 😛 .

  3. You must be worshiped loool… I stock up on them when am coming from Damascus. I have one left and I refuse to eat it. Its like heee, then I’ll have no more. Its probably not even edible anymore but still refrigerated.

    7aki 7abibti, bt3zmini 3ala ahweh wo galaxy if I come to Canada? LOL. (masla7a) hahah

  4. Yes. Galaxy is good. and contrary to popular belief, it isn’t a British product but American. its owned by the Mars corporation and it is marketed in the U.K and the middle east under the brand name Galaxy while in the states it is called Dove. So, you could just look up some Dove chocolate instead of Galaxy since it’s pretty much the same product only under different names 🙂

  5. Bakkouzeh, you solved my mystery! when I tasted Galaxy, and fell in taste love, I had a strong taste memory of DOVE!

    I’m seriously with you 7aki 7oney, Galaxy beats Godiva and even Galler in my book. But Milka is still my #1 chocolate love.

  6. Galaxy is my favourite as well! It is weird you dont have it in Canada, maybe as Bakhouz said you have it under Dove’s name?

  7. What’s with chocolate ?
    What’s with women and chocolate ?

  8. Batoul: HAHAHAHA. Ahlan wa sahlan.

    Bakkouz: OMG Bakkouz I do know Dove and I love it, I’ve had it before and it tasted GREAT! But it is expensive shway. Thanks for the tip Man!

    Kinzi: You will not BELIVE what I am about to tell you, baba 7aki got us LOTS of Milka too from Amsterdam.

    Observer: Yeah I never realized that.

    shadz: Chocolate tastes good . LOL.

  9. No problemo Ma’am.

  10. Milka at your house? Hyni Jai!

  11. HAHAHAHA Kinzi.

    You me and Batoul and tons of chocolate, sounds like a plan!
    I am actually eating a peice right now. I second you, Milka is better than Galaxy!

  12. I think you have a problem….hope it doesn’t turn out like this guy’s problem:

  13. hehehe. No my husband would never lift Galaxy.

  14. oh well..What if I tell you that Galaxy has even different kinds of chocolate. You just got the original. Imagine if you get the one with hazelnuts
    or the one with caramel
    or the Amicelli one
    or the Truffle one.

    The options are endless. 🙂

  15. I am so appalled Baba 7aki was here and you didn’t tell me!

  16. yessssss! “you me and Batoul” music to my ears lol.

  17. Hamza: I know, he got me hazelnut and caramael but I didn’t take a picture of them, they didn’t fit in the shot. LOL.

    KJ: Next time when we I come too we will seek you out 😀 .

    Batoul: You don’t have to wait for kinzi to come ;). Next time you are in Toronto come on down, I will save one for you , you better hurry!

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