Will Goodness Win?

Goodness [good-nis] : integrity, honesty, uprightness, probity. Goodness, morality, virtue refer to qualities of character or conduct that entitle the possessor to approval and esteem. Goodness is the simple word for the general quality recognized in character or conduct

I was reading “The lion, the witch and the wardrobe”  to little 7aki the other day. We got to the part when the white witch was chaining Aslan to the stone table. It was midway through the book and it appeared as if the white witch was defeating Aslan.

After a thoughful moment little 7aki asked me: ” Do good people always win?” .

I said: ” Yes sweety, good people always win”.

Little 7aki said: ” But Aslan didn’t win, the white witch won”

I told her: ” Aslan did not win now, but he will win at the end, good people ALWAYS win.”

But in my heart I was sad because I told a lie. Good people don’t always win and bad people win many times.

Will little 7aki grow up and try to be good only to get hurt? Will it break her heart? Should I prepare her or should I let the world teach her?

She will know, pretty fast, that no, good people don’t always win.  Badness wins most of the time.

I guess for now I like her to live in her little beautiful perfect world where being good is rewarded and good people always win and bad people lose.


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  1. You’re a bit wrong, 7aki, good people win different things. Being bad can only get you so far, but in the end you’re living a pretense, nothing is true, and people like you for your lies, not for who you are.

    Yes, bad people – assholes in particular – get ahead, but you can succeed more by being good and SMART about it – not naive!

    Life gives you what you give life. It teaches us lessons every now and then, but it is for us to grow as individuals, not to seek revenge

  2. See, am a nice person 😀 the planet should have more people like me

    So if you want little 7aki to grow up to be like me, go ahead 😀

  3. I know that KJ, I am not calling for revenge or for little 7aki to be bad, I am just heart broken to know that she will one day be hurt for the first time and the first time is the hardest where she will learn there are bad people out there who get ahead.

  4. do like all parents do, let her discover by herself.

  5. Keep reading.

  6. she’s bound to feel it at one point. You can’t avoid that… you’re just being a sweet mother and worrying 😉 I hope you never see her let down.

  7. I agree, good people don’t always win, but bad people always lose, and unfortunately they cause others to lose and suffer with them.

    I guess, as you said, keep her in her perfect world for now. But as she grows up, prepare her gradually for the reality, but only when she is ready for that.

    And by prepare I mean more than just telling her the simple fact, but by equipping her with the wisdom and skills needed to face such situations.

    Keef bas?! :)) [ Traslation: how was that?! :)) ]

  8. I agree with FadiMalian…yes, prepare her gradually to face reality as it is.

    7aki, have you ever read the novel or watched the film version of “To Kill a Mockingbird?” generally speaking, It is a must read, but you also can get hints from it on how to prepare your kids to face the real world which isn’t finely define as good or bad– the father in the novel/film, Atticus, does a great job with his kids, introducing them to some of the existent evils in the world, yet maintains that they shouldn’t ever lose faith in good…anyway, both qualities of life, good and evil, exist as do the grey areas where good and evil blend. parents do have to prepare their kids to deal with this gradually and in a balanced manner 🙂

  9. how about instilling honesty instead of goodness? goodness is extremely relative, what we see as good others might see as bad. of course, there is this set of morals and beliefs that should be conventional and instinctive, however we see those broken everyday. light a person’s simple basic instinct to survive is violated by our own selves every day when we smoke for example.

    honesty falls under goodness, no? if so, honesty Always wins eventually because nobody likes to keep a facade for so long and everybody eventually caves into the security of knowing the truth rather than just speculating! but that’s just one way of looking at it.

  10. hello mama 7aki,
    i think you should tell her sometimes good people win and sometimes they don’t,but in both cases they must always fight and never let any body hurt them without responding or acting back.

  11. Hamza: Well I want to help her now so the disappointment is not too great.

    solomon2: Keep reading what? The Lion the witch and the wardrobe?

    Batoul: Thanks 🙂 .

    FM: I love how you put it, good people don’t always win but bad people always lose, what a great way to put it.
    Keef bas? Raheeeeeeeeeeeb

    secratea: I am reading the book as we speak. I love how Atticus raises his children it’s amazing. I love how he is always honest with them and never shies from answering any of their questions. He instills morals and values in them that are great.

    Mazz: You touch on a great point. I always tell little 7aki, ” I might not get upset by you doing something bad, but I WILL get upset if you lie about it”, I tell her “that lying is the worst thing she can do because she will keep worrying about the thing she lied about and if she tells the truth it will set her free”. I know it might be a lot for an almost 5 year old but this is the only way she will keep at it.
    Thanks Mazz.

    suhair: Thanks Suhair, this is great advice 🙂

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