I Could Not Believe It.

The other day I was walking through one of those big box stores uninterested in anything around me .

Peanut was looking up at me from the cart with her beautiful sparkly eyes sometimes smiling, sometimes cooing and sometimes dosing off .

I picked up some of the essentials I needed , bread, milk and rain boots for little 7aki since the weather is getting better and there is no need for snow boots anymore.

As I was shopping I wasn’t really focusing on anything and I was mostly daydreaming about how happy I am at home with my little angels and how amazing it was to spend all this time with them.

And then all of a sudden I saw something that woke me up from my dream with a jolt. It was SHOCKING.

I could not make this up even in my wildest dreams.

How could it be? I couldn’t believe my eyes.  After all these years? Is it true? Am I dreaming?

I saw this.

Can you believe it? Sombody pinch me.


14 Responses

  1. waleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!!!
    OMG beddiiiiiiiiiii!

  2. I thought it’s something else!! u got me too excited and then disappointed me :p
    I haven’t had real choco. since sept. 07!! I even forgot how it tastes like!

  3. Hehehe I figured it was chocolate after reading your post about Galaxy 😛

    Looks yummy. I am not a fan of chocolate, but I would not mind one at the moment!

    And LOL @ Nido you actually keep count 😀

  4. Wow!! that was shocking, you should have prepared us better for the shock before I clikced on the link, this is unfair, my blood pressure is now usntable and my bowel habits have changed, alla ysam7ek

  5. that was so UNexpected.. and i hate kitkat too!

  6. ya salam ma7la il 3eesheh in KSA. the other day I bought one of those and they came without the wafer, I talked to the company and they give me one box free..Want one? 😛

  7. I was gonna comment on how pitiful you are but when it comes to chocolate I am as guilty as charged!

  8. Maioush: Mafi 3indkom minha?

    Nido: What did you think I was talking about? LOL. And no chocolate since 07?????? You make me sad.

    Hala: Nido is keeping count because she is hurting inside. Hehehehe.

    Hareega: I should have put a desclaimer, if you have heart issues do not click the link.

    secratea: YOU HATE KITKAT???????? tsk tsk tsk.

    hamza: 😦 .

    KJ: You are just jealous 😛 .

  9. 7aki zaman 3anek, ween el 3’ebe ?
    Ba3deen you come back after 2 weeks and you post about chocolate ! Girls and chocolate, love story be told…

  10. ma fee minno bi 3amman..and probably won’t come here.

    “adding another reason for immigrating to nova scotia”..hopefully at some point there will be enough positive reasons to scrap out the “brrr but its too cold their”.

  11. loooooool…Im NOT in love with chocolate anymoooore!! wala hurt wala ishi 😀

  12. shmal: been here and there 🙂 . Well shaml it was not ANY chocolate , it was KITKAT filled with hazelnut !!!!

    Led: wallah chocolate in Amman is better, 3anjad.

    nido: it’s OK nido, you don’t have to deny your hurt , the first part of healing is admiting it. HAHAHAHA

  13. funny post! i expected something else as well!…oh i did not like the taste of this kitkat… despite sounding so fafi like….. ive been spoilt with the taste of really really good swiss and other hand made chocolate…mmmmmmmm

  14. CW: See I love fine chocolate too, but I am very loyal to KitKat. It’s just, YUMMY 😀 .

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