Baby Food Tastes SOOOOOOOOO Good!

Honest to God baby food tastes soooooo good.

I have been steaming veggies for peanut and adding nothing to them, just steaming them and then blending them, with a hand blender, speaking of hand blenders: I want to hug , kiss, marry and worship whoever invented them.

Hand blender creator inventor, will you marry me? I really love you.

But I digress…

Real vegetables that were untouched by butter or oil or salt which were steamed, meaning all the goodness is still in them and they have not been boiled to hell, taste sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.

I never thought I would say it but fresh bought vegetables that were steamed are better than butter, yes I said it, better than BUTTER.

I can’t believe I fed little 7aki when she was a baby the jarred shit! I mean I used to cringe when I opened the jars for her so NEVER AGAIN. I WILL NOT buy jarred food for peanut, I WILL NOT I SAID and I will keep saying it until I burst. I WILL NOT BUY JARRED FOOD FOR PEANUT. Even if I am up at midnight steaming food and freezing it I WILL NOT buy the jarred grossness so help me God ( Or higher being) .

Another thing I want to add, Avocados, will you marry me?


8 Responses

  1. I looooove Cerelak with Amstel light

  2. I love avocado haik la7aloo or be it used as a toast spread or a salad… and OH MY GOD, I LOVE GUACAMOLE! that’s all yummy stuff!

  3. thumbs up!! you rock 😀 I always watched my friends here feeding their kids from jars and I always felt bad for them! Who ever sees my baby’s food feel sorry for me, 2al inno bita33ib! bas it doesnt 🙂
    u know what else is good, I got it long time ago and i still use it when we go eat out, or at my friends’. I order steamed veggies and blend.

    How old is yr baby now?!

    I also wanted to ask u:p did u read “the happiest toddler on the block”? if so, do u recommend it!?

  4. Hareega: cerelac ROCKS.

    secratea: it is soooo good, guacamole is just heaven. But did you know that one avocado has 350 calories??? a cup has 700, that is NUTS. Not that I count calories, I just thought it was crazy it had that many.

    Nido: What a cool contraption you linked to!

    The baby is six months old, so I have not read that book . My book is big sister little 7aki 😀 .

    Making baby food is the easiest thing EVER. I never thought it was easy, I always thought it was hard, it takes about 10 – 20 minutes to steam then blend for 20 seconds and you are DONE.

    I can’t wait to blend our food for the baby.

  5. Not big on avocado. But good for you, Peanut should have healthy food 🙂

  6. Here is the thing:

    – i can only eat hard vegetables not blended
    – i can only eat blended fruits not hard


  7. A Lead Zeppelin tip on how to use the hand blender “since I had to take one to the company repair shop the other day”.

    The hand blender is a delicate machine,I doubt it has a cooling system,so while you are blending you need to pause every few seconds of use.
    Do not press the button for a continuous long time or you will risk motor burn.

  8. sweet potatoes are the best…yum…i am looking forward to making baby food….but i do like the jarred fruits….but the veggies r nasty.,,but i do get them for going out …

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