An “I Wish The Earth Could Open and Swallow Me” Moment

I really wished that would happen, I was even imagining it: Maybe I can melt? Maybe I can become invisible? It was an OMG I wish the earth would just open , right here, right now and swallow me moment.

Little 7aki is turning five soon , oh how time flies, so we are busy setting up her Birthday party, who’s invited, where to do it, what cake to get, etc.

So because I hate it when kids feel left out if part of the class gets invited and the other part doesn’t and they start saying I am invited and you are not blah blah blah I made the decision to invite her whole class, but to keep the numbers in check I didn’t invite the kids that go to school on the days little 7aki is home. You see, she goes to school part time and some of the part timers go on the day’s she’s home.

Anyway, today I went to pick her up later than I would usually do and as we were standing by her school gym it went down like this:

Little 7aki speaking to a kids Mom (Oh yes you guessed it, one of the kids who were not invited) : Hi kid, Hi kids Mom, Kiiiiiiiiiiid, I have a Birthday party and you are NOT invited, yes my Mom said so, you are NOT invited.

And she runs along leaving me standing next to the kids mom.

Me: Heheheh, ahem, hahaha, hoohoohoohoo. ( OMG KILL ME NOW I WANT MY LIFE TO END RIGHT NOW)

I can’t even remember what I said to the mom, it was all a blur, I was sooooo embarrassed. Of all the kids and of all the Moms why did we have to run into her? I have NOT seen her in the hallway for like 6 months!!!

So anyway we go to the car and I tell little 7aki:

Me: Why did you say that to the kid and his mom? Why did you tell him he was not invited to your party?

Little 7aki (very matter of fact) : Well he isn’t invited to my party.

Me: But you shouldn’t tell him that, you might hurt his feelings. How would you feel if someone told you that you are not invited to their party? I am sure you would feel hurt wouldn’t you.

Little 7aki: Yes I would feel hurt but he might not feel hurt, we are different people right?

Well she could not understand why she should not tell him that because, after all, she said the truth, he is not invited so she had to tell him, what’s the big deal Moooooooooooooom. LOL.


The End

PS: Peanut has fat cheeks.

PPS: Seriously they are HUGE.

PPPS: She is going to be 7 months in a couple of days , YIKES, that means 5 months and I go to work. Did I say YIKES?


5 Responses

  1. hahahahahahaha…I don’t think this is worse than the “time I wish I had moses staff” to split the sea and let it drown me.

    You might never see this mom again and what’s the worst that could happen? not invite little 7aki on her son’s birthday party…wi toz…

    oh wait…she might go and gossip with other moms and make a campaign against you.


  2. That was so cute of her embarrassing mom like that …. and for that i dedicate this song to ya


    If I were you I would cancel her birthday party altogether!

  4. Hamza: In a way I really don’t care. LOL.

    bam: Thanks to you I heard this song ten times in a row. TEN!

    KJ: I hate birthday parties, when little 7aki is older and she has real friends it will just be a small affair, she invites her best friends to movies or a sleepover and we are DONE.

  5. o how embarrassing!! this is why i dont do school friends bday parties…but i think i am going to this november…ziad has his heart set on it….happy bday to little 7aki…bilal will be 5 in july…..i dont beleive how fast they grow up…sheesh!

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