How Shameful!

How dare women in Saudi try to be healthy and exercise. These women have NO SHAME.

Get a load of this, Women only gyms are being shut down in Saudi Arabia as a result of the government only licensing gyms for men.

When is someone going to stop these people. I cannot believe the ignorance and stupidity of these scholars. And why are the Saudis not doing anything about it? What will happen if they rebbel. I really wonder.

Hat tip Nzingha keep on being shameless.


12 Responses

  1. Ya lateef, how dare women speak, exercise, even exist!!!!!

    Impeach Saudi Arabia. I am with you 7aki, when is someone going to stop those people?

  2. LOOOOL.

    There are many women gyms here and they are making alot of money and some of them are oversubscribed.

    Due to the demographics between different cities, I can imagine this happening only in riyadh and not in jeddah.

  3. hey! their men like their women to be…

    but you’re right
    stupid stupid stupid
    i think all able women should walk out of saudi if they had to
    jump the border

  4. loool! These guys think that because there was no women gyms back at the prophet Mohammad (Sala Allah 3alaeh wo salam) then it is a heresy! omg!

    Allah ysam7hom bs 3la hal habal! wo elmshkla eno 3ndhom el sharee3a mashea 3la eld3af bs! Fe elaw2t ele malekhom sawa jam3a mo5tala6a fe nos Jadah!

  5. lol, check this excerpt from theGuardian:

    “Leading Saudi clerics have condemned the gyms and clubs as “shamelessness” and warned that women would be tempted to leave their homes and neglect their husbands and children.”

    i just love how some people over exaggerate.. let me try it: if women cannot excersise then they will get fat forcing their suffering husbands to marry #2, who will then also get fat, forcing him to marry #3 who gets fat also.. and once he gets to #4, he is in trouble! Not only is he broke, he has a harem of fat wives who do not please him… how come they have not thought of this awful yet inevitable result of closing womens gyms?

    Actually I feel sorry for Sausi Arabians, sometimes they really do come off as twisted and backwards… yet they really aren’t!!! lets hope the minroity does not continue to sully the reputation of the country for much longer.

  6. Shisha cafe—OK!! but not womens gyms!!! this is SHAMELESS!

  7. take it from me .. hadol byi7ku kteer .. i bet u it will not be implemented

  8. Totally absurd however not completely surprising.

    This reminds me of a time when I was a board member in my MSA (muslim students assocation) undergrad. Another fellow executive board member opposed my idea of reserving the masjid’s gym for a women’s basketball game/tournament on the grounds that playing sports and sweating wasn’t feminine……and this was is the USA coming from an american born and raised kid with educated parents.

    Like I said….this story doesn’t totally suprise me that people in positions of influence would make such a call. It wouldn’t even suprise me if they convinced a lot of people of their position (including women). What would surprise me is if they actually got their way though.

  9. See? now stop blogging woman! and go cook for your family…niswan akher zaman

    /sarcasm mode off /

    I did read this in the newspaper, tab whats the difference between going to the gym and going to the local knitting or cooking or flower arrangements club for women? or is it the act of playing sports and working out itself?
    but religion tells both men and women alike to take care of their body and health, everyone should work out!

    I think this “news” is over rated, and the Saudi officials will seek a resolution to allow women gym.

    “cough..if some Saudi official does read this,and likes me,kindly assist on getting me a well paid job in KSA, thanks”

  10. and to think I am getting job offers in that country!

  11. tsk tsk tsk

  12. Women should be locked in their homes! Simple as that! :S

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