If I Had Fairy Godparents.

Little 7aki: I wish I had fairy Godparents.

Me: Why?

Little 7aki: So I can wish for anything and it would come true.

Me: What would you wish for first? (I asked while waiting to see what toy she wants).

Little 7aki: I would wish that Daddy stops smoking.

Me (stunned) : Wow! What else would you wish for?

Little 7aki: I wish that you would never yell at me. (Well she dropped her sister off the couch, so I yelled, hehe)

Me: What else?

Little 7aki: And I would wish for lots of hugs and kisses.

Me: Hahahaha. But you get lots! Sometimes you run from me and I  have to chase you to kiss you.

Little 7aki: Well I want more.

Me: I will give you sooooooooo many you are going to ask your fairy Godparents for me to stop.

Little 7aki: Moooooooom.

Me: Yeeeeeeeeees.

Little 7aki: I love you .

Me: I love you too.

My little 7aki  just turned five on Friday. Wise beyond her years she still wishes for immaterial things, like the time she wanted to throw those coins in the fountain.

Little 7aki, my love for you grows stronger and stronger with every passing day, with every word uttered by you, with every night we snuggle in your bed and read together. My love still grows with every time you frustrate me with your stubbornness, every time you cry and every time you push my buttons, especially when I tell you, stop pushing my buttons, and you say, mommyyyyyyyyy, where are your buttons?

 You are my baby and will be my baby forever, although now when I take you places you don’t cling to me, you push me to leave. Oh how much you grew.

I love you my little philosopher.


11 Responses

  1. is it really true that at some point they push you away and you have to chase them and all?!?! WHEN does it start?! my baby is so clingy but my mom asked me not to ever push her away, but wait for her to do so 🙂
    bitzannin yr little 7aki…happy birthday to her:)

  2. I’m so overwhelmed with emotions, that’s one of the major reasons I want to get married. To have my own kids. God bless them all.

  3. 7aki, precious little one! Lil Kinz is driving me nuts with all the button pushing, whining and Dramatic Tantrums, it was a good reminder just to love on her and enjoy her little Type-A philosopher moments.

    I have a book mark that says “If you keep pushing all my buttons I’ll have to switch to zippers!”

    (Ulysses, be careful in the kind of wife you choose. Moms who have good consistent boundaries in life, especially with kids, provide the most nurturing and healthy environment. You will make a great daddy!)

  4. nido: It is true at it comes so fast. Never push your baby away until they start doing it. Unless they are like 15 and still clingy then something is not normal, LOL.

    Ulysses: I wish you have a great family that provides you with unconditional love 🙂 .

    Kinzi: Oh my God Kinzi the drama! The hormone level in our house is nuts. Poor baba 7aki, hahahaha. And that book mark is so funny!

    Happy Mothers day by the way 😀 .

  5. You’re pushing my buttons now, woman! 😛

  6. that was a very nice post, so good that it dropped my hatred to kids from “always” to “almost always” , God bless your daughters

  7. KJ: I hired Moogle to push them , he’s a double agent 😛 .

    Hareega: Awwwwwwww, I hope you have little faristootat , HAHAHAHA.

  8. Wow! 7aki, seriously, that was a very touching post. God bless.

  9. hehehehe how cute,

    but seriously, don’t kids ever get tired of hugging and kissing…

  10. Ohh mashaAllah this is soo sweet. I like this post. Can i copy to my blog to share it with my friends? Soo cute. 😉

  11. i wish i had a real fair godpaernts becouse i can wish any thing

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