What Your Child Should Be Reading: Part 2

Todays books are all chapter books geared more towards 5 – 10 year olds or when your child can remember what was read to them the day before and can be excited about what is going to happen next.

1) The first series is the Magic Tree House series:


Travel through time with brother and sister Jack and Annie through a magic tree house. They have a friend called Morgan La fey who gives them missions and riddles to solve, all they have to do is point at the book cover and say “We want to go there” and it takes them to the time period in the book.

These books are fun, educational and promote the imagination. They also build riddle solving skills like looking at the clues provided by Morgan and while reading the book recognizing those clues and solving the riddle.

It has been educational to me too especially the books that are about the Roman and Greek times, they talked about Plato for people PLATO!


2) The second series is the Junie B. Jones Books.


The books are hilarious! Junie B. talks about what goes on in her life and how she is dealing with all those scary new things that are happeningto her , like her first day riding the “Stupid Smelly Bus” she does not like it and she is just too funny!

Very light hearted books that talk about all sorts of things that happen to kids in kindergarten and grade one, like the time a boy invited everyone to his birthday part except for Junie B., also the time when Junie had a Little baby brother .

Lots of emotions and how to deal with them in a very easy going humours way. Reading them makes little 7aki giggle which has been a delight.

Part 1


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  1. wendy’s were giving cd’s of the magic tree house books a while back in their kid’s meal…we listened to one in the car the other day and we were hooked…i wish i had more..

  2. I hope your blog would be active 10 years from now…by the time I have kids. LOL

  3. […] Part 2 […]

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