To the End of the Universe and Back

I can’t begin to describe how much joy you bring to my life.

You have a sparkle in your eyes that I have never seen in any other human being. It brings so much joy to my life.

I wish I can describe how my heart flutters every time you smile at me and every time you look into my eyes with so much love that I feel my heart is going to burst. You are just precious.

You are turning 8 months tomorrow and I am starting to get to know you better. You are starting to have a personality now. You let me know if you like or dislike something. You let me know if you want to be picked up or not and you let me know if you want to be in my arms if you see a stranger face .

When I enter the room and you see me oh my how your face lights up. You extend your arms , you smile the biggest smile ever, you squeal and then those eyes of yours sparkle. Oh how much I love those eyes. Come think of it oh how much I love those eyes and cheeks and lips and nose. And those little chubby stinky feet.

When you sleep in my arms and then I touch that ticklish spot you smile in your sleep and my heart just stops and it comes back to life.

My little angel , my little heart, my little soul may that sparkle always stay in your eyes.

I love you to the end of the universe and back.


9 Responses

  1. May God bless your baby,what a sweet post!

  2. Love that. Sigh. I just went and kissed my lil kinz as she sleeps. The boys ran. 🙂

  3. Thanks Bardees.

    HAHAHAHA kinzi. Well did you chase them?

  4. Keep it up… soon you’re gonna be watching all episodes of the Teletubbies, every-episode-every-single-day

  5. extending arms asking for a hug is soooo cute!!! Allah yikhalliha to fill yr life with sparkles 🙂

  6. Yes indeed. Trapped them in their beds and attacked them. Oldest son pretended to be asleep :).

  7. KJ: Nope, Teletubbies are banned in this house.

    Nido: Thank you Nido, allah yikhalilek kol illi bit7ebeehom

    kinzi: Hehehehe.

  8. yea enjoy it while it lasts. In no time, kids will grow and they and you are only left with this memory to cherish.

    But oh well, you can always get more kids. LOOOL

  9. May God bless your baby,what a sweet post!

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