7amleh Guide for Imbeciles

Somebody on the blogosphere has blasphemed (via twitter) and asked me ” What is 7amleh? Do you mean la7meh?”

Where I promptly replied: @Imbecile no I mean 7amleh. Don’t tell me you have never had 7amleh!!!!! OMG someone has to feed Imbecile 7amleh.

And he asked me to : “Put the recipe on my blog


For those who don’t know what 7amleh is , it’s fire roasted raw chickpeas still in their shell. It has the most amazing nutty flavor.

7amleh is sold in the summer at every street corner in Amman, it’s usually sold by the bunch.

It's raw fire roasted chickpeas

It's raw fire roasted chickpeas

To eat 7amleh you have to unshell it and eat the chickpea inside.

The best thing about eating 7amleh is how your fingers turn black because you can’t and won’t stop eating them until you eat a whole bunch if not more.

Yummmooooo I NEEEEEEED some.

OH MY GOD!!!!!! I JUST HAD A REVELATION. My sister is coming to visit in 10 days and I am SOOOOOOOOOO gonna ask her to bring me some .

I just hope they don’t apprehend her at the airport if they do a luggage check. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


9 Responses

  1. I got into a stage of semi-hysteria when I saw that picture, I’m a whore for good 7amleh

  2. Hahahah.I was thinking exactly the same. what will happen if I get caught with 7amleh in my luggage? I mean I’m bringing Bizer too. Ya Lahoui

  3. You call this a recipe! “roasted chickpeas”!!!!

    I hope you choke on one 😛

  4. ana mesh nabahet 3aleaki ya benet enti ma t7oteeli sowar akel??? er7amo 7amel a3deh la7alha o jo3aaneh!!
    ana 3arfeh enti mn el a3da2 bedek el baby yetla3 5areeta mn kotr el ashya2 elli batwa77am 3aleaha, ana ba3ref ana ba3ref.
    bs 3an jd… LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! @KJ jay mn paris ya afandi you don’t know what 7amleh is 😀 LOOOOOOOOOOL!

  5. ah! what a treat. amman summers, breezy evenings, bushels of 7amleh and an ice cold drink over lwebdeh! life 🙂

  6. oh nooo, don’t remind me of those..yet I still wonder why they are called “7amleh”, could it be coz the chicken peas look like a pregnant women’s belly? LOL

    oh, you forgot to mention that overdosing on these can cause gaseous reactions in your body that can lead to some smelly farts

  7. LOL ahem.. this was informative. I used to eat them in Syria from my grandma’s garden but without roasting.

  8. I wonder if they sell any in california… I want some now.

  9. Hareega: I LOVE 7amleh. More than I am willing to admit.

    KJ: You harvest them and hten you roast them. Imbecile.

    Mai: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Itwa7ameh in hte middle of the night. Let your husband go find you some .LOOOOL.


    Hamza: Maybe you eat them and you get bloated and look pregnant. HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Batoul: tsk tsk tsk.

    ziad: I wondre that too. I will move to Cali if htey sell them there

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