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    I am going to tell you a lot of things but at the end of the day it's all 7aki Fadi (empty talk , حكي فاضي), most probably somebody out there already said it.
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Guess What I’ve Been Up To



Coming or going?



100 pounds



And counting


slow down!!!






Soooooo tender, still counting!




8 )


Does it ever end?



Here comes trouble!



Sad then happy then sad then happy



gotta love it!




6 Responses

  1. Let see here :
    1. You bought one of the Royal Jordanian planes so you can have easy access to the motherland.
    2. You gained 100 pounds from eating Arabian sweets.
    3. On your plane journey to the motherland, you left a trail of rocks to guide you back. Ahh, been reading lots of fairy tales mrs. 7aki :D.
    4. You’ve shoplifted, OP-VIOUSLY !
    5. Little 7aki got sick…awwwz, salamat!
    6. =O and you found the culprit !! Those damn Kebabs >_> …
    7. So apparently you’ve been making lots of money ! First a plane, now an amusement park :O! Donate some to me…. *puppy face*
    8. Cute gums isn’t always that cute is she 😉 ?
    9. You are officially the mommy hulk ?
    10. You took the children to see UB 😀 !
    11. You like lemon juice ?
    12. =O you got a ****** pierce ?! And it hurt !

    Beh to most I know 😛 we’ve missed you..:)

  2. welcome back:) looks like you’ve been busyyyy..the kabob picture made my day 😀 lol

  3. hahahhahahaha…

    wein il 7amleh? 😛

    I’ll be flying to Jordan today. Let’s see what I have missed. 😉

  4. 1. Your mom came from Jordan
    2. She brought along shitloads of baqlava
    3. And shitloads of bezer bateekh
    4. Then you’re taking her shopping
    5. She’s taking care of the kids when they’re sick.
    6. And cooking you awesome food.
    7/8/9/10. The whole family thing is a roller coaster
    11. Vacation things.
    12. 7aram poor peanut got her ears pierced?

  5. i think the one who came is you sister :p

  6. Shadz: You have a very active imagination. Hehehe

    Nido: OMG the kabab came out soooooooo good. Lamb kabab.

    Hamza: Mafi 7amleh 😦 .

    Roba: You are very close.
    1. It was my sister who came.
    2. correct
    3. correct
    4. correct
    5. Nope. I am, 7aram peanut she had a fever. Her first since she was born.
    6. No. Waaaaaaa3333333. I am the cook, we had a BBQ that was yummy.
    7. We went to Canada’s wonderland
    8. the kids are driving me crazy
    9. Peanut can stand up all by her self. YIKES. Thus the here comes trouble.
    10.we watched up
    12. She did, she looks sooooooooooooooooooo cute.

    L: You are right.

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