Transformers 2

Optimus prime is a bad ass.


Bummblebee will always be my favorite. bumblebee-1

I have been dreaming of owning that Camaro. I NEED it.


And did you see the Jordanian flag in the moive? LOVED IT.

The movie was funny, suspenseful. I really enjoyed it.

But one thing  I want to get off my chest.Petra is NOT a walking distance from the pyramids, just so you know, in case you were wondering.


And one more thing. What was the Oompa Loompa doing in the movie?

umpa lumpa

Go watch it. I give it the 7aki fadi thumbs up.


8 Responses

  1. el felem 3lak w 7aki fadi. oh, what did I expect 😛

  2. I don’t like any imaginary movies It’s what KJ said, “7aki Fadi” 😉

  3. Bumblebee is SOO cute! lol
    My fav. part is when he sings “I’m so excited, and I just cant hide it” loool

    Its too long. and um… yeah, not the best.

  4. I just saw it, I thought it was pretty good. Not as good as the first but still good. I just can’t get over the whole Petra-Giza thing. They really messed up their geography on that one. My friend who saw it with me didn’t know about it which made me realize that Michael Bay was counting on the idea that since the movie will mostly be watched by non-Middle Easterners than most people wouldn’t notice that.

    Other than that it was good, lots of good action scenes, and of course plenty of good shots of Megan Fox.

  5. Scuze me while I go for my daily 10 minute walk to the Pyramids, buying a pack of tormos on the way from Abu Khaleel the Khazneh vendor.

  6. Hi 7aki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just wanted to stop by and say hi, mnishrub shi ma3 ba3d shwai, sorry it’;s been so long! thanks for continuing to blog even tho you are SO busy!

  7. you are one of the few ppl who is recommending this movie. I haven’t watched it yet and I am still debating with myself whether to go for it or not. 😛

  8. Hehe, I watched it with some friends (I think there were maybe 10 or 11 of us in all). Everyone liked it except for me and a guy friend of mine. (Yeah, he was a guy, a fan of Transformers, and he was wholly unimpressed).

    I freaking HATED it. It was so drawn out! I was fidgeting like crazy when there were at least 45 mins of the movie left to go. Plus, the females in that movie were completely useless. (And the two ‘black’ robots were very offensive).

    But, I found Megan Fox’s pants in the last scenes amazing. They’re pure white and they stayed so freaking clean with all the explosions and the dust and the sand. Where could I get pants like that?

    But I envy you if you enjoyed it…at least you had fun watching it, hehe.

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