Little 7aki izms

Little 7aki: Mama, who taught God things?

Me: Nobody sweetie.

Little 7aki: But who made God?

Me: Nobody made God.

Little 7aki: Where is God?

Me: I don’t know really.

Little 7aki: I think we should go ask the computer. The computer knows EVERYTHING, right?

Me: HAHAHAHAHAHA. Yup it does, but I am willing to bet you are going to get MILLIONS of different answers to these questions.

Such is instinct, we really don’t discuss religion much at our household and my little monkey is already wondering about these things. I am sure that as soon as she can “google it” she is going to be “on it”.

Technology, eh!


8 Responses

  1. Masha’a allah 🙂
    Nice question even though you don’t know how to answer. But remember to make logical answers to her and be sure to convince her of the true.
    She is right, everything is “Google it “

  2. hehe .. how nice
    P.S: when she finds the answers, can you tell her to tell me ? I really want to know too

  3. Moh’d: everything is “Google it” now

    za3tar: HAHAHAHAHA. my point exactly, I wanted to say, good luck kid.

  4. Be careful when you google “God” , I once googled “Oh God” by mitsake and got very different results, all what I can say is that images were not suitable for children

  5. 7aki she’s already using the comp … ohh thats where you got that poptropica game eh ? well just as an advice look into pluging in that way you can atleast filter some of the naughtiness on the web 🙂

  6. Hareega: Tell me about it, nothing is safe nowadays.

    bambam: Well she can’t go on websites by herself yet, I have to do it for her. But we will definitely install something when she can “google it” by herself later. And I never leave her on the computer by herself, our PC is in our living room.

  7. tell her Google is God..Google knows everything. LOL

  8. HAHAHAHAHA Hamza. Good one!

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