Either Nothing or All

Peanut never seizes to amaze me.

At 8 months she was clearly behind on her milestones, no crawling, no standing, no rolling over (that really concerned me, until the doctor told me she was too fat to roll over, HAHAHAHAHA), no teeth.




And then when she hit 8.5 months she:

1) Turned over back to front and front to back.

2) Crawled.

3) Stood up unassisted.

4) Sprouted a tooth.

All in one day. ONE!

I think this girl takes after her dad in terms of ambition and drive, either she does nothing or she does it all.

She does not do half ass; oh let me crawl today and then get my teeth tomorrow and then maybe next month I’ll clap my hands and say Dada.

Now my peanut is ten months old and in true peanut fashion she sprouted three teeth yesterday. THREE if you were not paying attention the first time I said it.

She is just growing up too fast. She can climb the stairs now, which gives me anxiety attacks and I cannot leave her alone for one minute, which is steadily and surly making my sanity go away.

She can walk around holding sofas and tables.

She can say baba, mama, dada ,seedo, bird, oh – oh , wow ,  light (but in Arabic) , mum mum for food or drink (I am working on that one) and she can sign more and enough. She waves hello and goodbye and she claps her hands.

And she is sneaky this little one, I have a stack of magazines that she is just obsessed with, I tell her don’t touch, no no, she looks at me, wags her index finger, shakes her head, giggles and grabs them.

And she is officially the Michelin man now, no doubt about it. Seriously, I am embarrassed to tell you how much she weighs. Lets just say, if she could walk and had teeth you would think she’s 2 years old.

My little peanut, a hand-full, with a beautiful sparkle in her eye.

PS: My biceps are just HUGE.

PPS: Seriously, my arms have never been so fit in my life, pays off to carry the Michelin man around.

Here’s an illustration to help you visualize it.


PPPS: I am making rice right now and for some reason it’s just not happening. It’s sticky. But tastes good at least.

The End


10 Responses

  1. LOL @ too fat to roll!! that must have been embarrassing!

    I thought kids lose weight while getting teeth, don’t they?

  2. LOOOOOOOOOL@ the rice, ejaki youm ya 7aki o tele3 rozek m3ajen, shofti shofti as ma d7ekti 3alay LOL! 😀

    and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL@ u’re little one, allah ye7meeha ya rabbi, walek i can’t wait to see mine, 3n jd i wanna ef3aso/ha already, allah y3eeno/ha 3alay 😀

  3. mab3oos: Not peanut, she’s going STRONG. hehehehe

    Mai: HAHAHAHA, wallahy I remembered you, I was going to link to that post of yours and say that I should not make fun of people or I will pay the price. hehehehe

    So is it a boy or a girl? And you should have a name the baby post. Love em, too much fun.

  4. who needs to roll when he has someone to do it for them 😛 that was too cute.
    Plus you were making sushi without the sashimi right … actually you know whats super good and relatively easy tamagoyaki sushi … yeah i’m hungry already i had nothing from home to bring to work as my lunch.

  5. Yeah yeah yeah

    e7meddi rabbek peanut did it at 8.5 months

    it took me THREE YEARS to do those.

    Did you read it? THREE YEARS!

  6. She sounds SO cute. TotaL, 100% gift from God.

  7. Too funny! ButterBean was a fat one too. She’d get really fat (ala Michelin Man) and then grow several inches overnight. Oh, and you know JujuBean is 5.5 and has lost one of her baby teeth already. I tried wiggling today and four 5 more strating to wiggle! It never stops!

  8. Bam: Sushiiiiiiiiiiiiii yummmmmmmmm

    KJ: Wow. Please share your childhood problems

    Kinzi: 😀 .

    MB: Little 7aki is 5 years 3 months and everyday she’s checking for loose teeth. Tooo funny, they are in such a hurry to grow up aren’t they.

  9. 7ayati… 3 teeth? wow.
    BTW I still have biceps from my visit. never been prouder of them!!
    Miss you all lots.

  10. The wizard of AWWWWZ !
    Now you need to take pictures of baby michelin and post them online, and then maybe shoot a video of the attempts to roll over, hahaha!
    Allah iy5aleelik iyaha 🙂

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