How Twitter Changed the Face of Blogging

I never realized that it is possible to convey a message, an idea or a thought with only 140 characters or less. It is really liberating.

That’s how Twitter benefited bloggers and blog readers. Instead of flooding the blog with one liners, or posting a rant here and there and writing fluff around it to make it into a post you simply share it on twitter and away you go, no need to have 10+ posts a day with a hundred links and video shares that, frankly, most people don’t bother to read.

Like when facebook came along the number of email forwards I received fell sharply that now I don’t even get any email forwards (except from a 55 year old lady that is still catching up on technology).

Twitter did the same to link posts. Since Twitter was born the number of those posts fell dramatically. I hardly see any posts that just link to a piece of news unless there is analysis or some sort of comment by the author.

Twitter has also opened the door to hundreds of thousands of people that might not have the time or energy to blog where you can still be in touch with people by simply and quickly updating them to what you do or read or think about on the fly via your cell phone or blackberry or IPhone.

But like everything that has good sides and bad one of the negative things is that some of my favorite bloggers (I am talking to you Tololy) have left their blogs and only twitter now. I can understand why; writing a post with over 1400 characters VS 140 is a lot of work.

Another thing is that people over share, OMG I had great lasagna (ahem ahem points finger at self), let me share it with the world.

But the most annoying thing is using shorthand, if you can’t fit what you need to twitter in 140 characters then please go blog it or something. Using words like b4, me 2, or u 2 and tc (just for you Roba 😉 ) is just not English. Maybe I am becoming like those older people who tell boys to cut their hair and pull up their pants but I don’t enjoy tweets that are written like that. Same goes for 3arabizi. It just takes too much energy to read.

But one thing for sure is that twitter is fun.


5 Responses

  1. I totally agree, it’s like an ongoing public yet private conversation about everything and nothing that is fun.

  2. sumtymz wvgot 2 yz shrthnd

  3. I suppose now the question is, what’s the next big thing after Twitter? We’ve had blogging, Facebooking/MySpacing, now microblogging — how much shorter can we make our attention spans? I remember seeing a one-second ad during the 2009 Super Bowl, and while I liked the novelty, I really hope it wasn’t a taste of what’s to come.

  4. jessyz: exactly, it’s like chatting but with everyone and publicly.

    KJ: u mst dy. hehehehehe.

    Katie: Our attention span now is so short it’s not even funny. You inspired a post. I will blog it before my attention span takes me somewhere else .

  5. It’s becoming a substitute for rational thought. People can throw in an idea or a quick opinion without going into details or a having a serious long discussions about it. Blogs allow that kind of discussion and debate to go on and that’s what made them so special

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