Our Ever Shrinking Attention Span

I can’t begin to describe my increasingly diminishing attention span and I blame it all on the Internet.

Think about it. Before the advent of the Internet, which I will define as google because seriously it feels like google IS the Internet, we used to sit at the library and read and search. We used to spend hours just to get a piece of information. Now with the magic that is google, all the time you need to get the information is the time it takes to write it down and hit enter.

The sad thing is we most probably forget what we Googled by the next day because, hey, why waste brain cells by storing information since we can google it again at anytime?

Don’t forget magazines and newspapers, you don’t need to get dressed, grab some money, walk or drive to the store, buy the magazine, drive back home and THEN read every single word in it because you put all this time and effort to get it. Now you can simply get all the news you want in the comfort of your home or even car.

That’s where impatience comes, it feels like we need this information and we need it NOW. I don’t want to wait to go get it I can get it this second, I can get the weather and a recipe and comparative prices for the cars I like and I can get anything I want really.


I can even go live in a fantasy world if I wanted.

I think the attention span of everyone is getting shorter, articles, TV shows, even blogs cater to people with short attention spans. Bloggers apologise if their blog posts are too long or too wordy and usually put pictures every few paragraphs.

As far as my attention span goes I think having children added to my short attention span, I can’t hold a conversation for longer than 3 minutes if my kids are around, I get impatient and start shifting in my seat because my train of thought always gets interrupted somehow. My eyes and ears and head are not with the person I am talking to, it’s with the kids because it always feels like one kid is climbing the walls and the other kid is eating my shoes.

Because, hellooooooo, haven’t you heard? Shoes are yummy.


4 Responses

  1. I prefer my shoes slow-roasted, thinly sliced and with a little bit of honey mustard on the side. 😉

    It’s not quite the same thing as attention span, but I don’t remember phone numbers anymore, because they’re all stored in my contacts list. Losing my phone would be highly irritating.

  2. huh

  3. hehehe my daughter won’t let me do anything that takes away from her attention, so to be honest I blame it on Lulu not the internet.

  4. So that’s why later in life people still can’t give up shoe-flavoured food! ;))

    Ah, and you forgot attention span between two phone rings at work. I have three phones ringing all day long, morning to late afternoon. It’s wonder that I still know my name. Luckily I have a vast storage-room in my brain for automatic answers (even bad ones). It’s only hard not to say the company’s name when the phone rings… at home. x-P

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