A Public Service Announcement

When you place a new toilet paper roll (and for all that’s holy in the world) it has to be over like so :



And not under like so:



End of public service announcement.

You are welcome.


9 Responses

  1. Meya meya! Over is the only correct way.

  2. Exactly! I’ve fought this battle many times at my house.

    One of my friends, shortly after getting married, promised his wife that he would take her for a Caribbean cruise on their first anniversary if she placed the toilet paper the RIGHT way for the entire year. She did, and they went.

  3. I vow to never, ever place my toilet paper roll under; but always to place it over.
    Thank you 7aki, hehe :P.
    How are the kids :D?

  4. My family were UNDER people, i had to change to OVER when I got married.

    (think I need to ask for a cruise)


    I wonder if there are washrooms where the toilet paper is on a SIDE..

  6. jessyz: Exactly!

    dave: maybe I’ll offer my husband a cruise then. He NEVER fails to put it under. Boggles my mind

    Shmal: Good boy 😛 . One is fat and the other one is a monkey. Hehehehe.

    Kinzi: If I was you I would demand it right now.

    Hamza: That is impossible 😛 .

  7. Great minds think alike!

  8. What difference does it make?

  9. ihath: Well when it’s under it’s hard to find the tip and also if you tug it hard it might unroll the whole roll, when it’s over gravity prevents that.

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