To Why I Need to Go Back to Work

Wake up at 8 am , dress little 7aki to get her ready for her first day of school.

We get to the school and little 7aki is very excited

Me to the teacher: Good morning!

Teacher: Good morning.

Teacher is a bit puzzled. She took a look at the schedule.

Teacher: When is little 7aki supposed to be in, Tuesdays or Wednesdays?

Me very confidently with a big smile on my face (it’s been a loooooong summer): Mondays and Wednesdays!

Teacher: She is not supposed to be here today.

Me: Ha? But it’s Wednesday and today is the first day.

Teacher: Today is Tuesday.

Me trying hard to find a rock to crawl under: He he hu hu ha ..ha… really? He he, I thought it was Wednesday.

And we exited the school as little 7aki said, silly mama.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. I really need to stimulate my brain peoples.


12 Responses

  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL. it is so messed up when you reach a stage that you no longer check calenders. hehehehe

  2. 3adi my mom once took my little brother to a birthday party a week earlier.

  3. heh-heh, 7aki has blonde roots.

  4. hamza; you got it.

    farah: HAHAHAHAHA. Now THAT is messed up. Too funny!

    kinzi: I am blonde at heart. hehe

  5. Hey today I was also wondering if it was Tuesday or Wednesday, and this post made me check the little calendar on my laptop.

    I am unemployed too now, and I don’t go to school any more, so that is probably why. Either find a job or sign up for classes and you’ll be fine, I *hope* 😛

  6. Hehe Tololy, you’ve been off less than a week and you already mix your days, imagine me who has been off for a year on maternity leave and I am close to forgetting my name.

    I will be back to work in a couple of weeks 😀 .

  7. I hear ya

    My only indication of time is that my sis has a job LOL

  8. please post something about the rich area abdoun. i hear many rumors about this place. why everyone in jordan just talking about abdoun

  9. Little 7aki is so funny. I remember one time when we were allowed to wear non uniform clothes to school. I’m not sure if it is me or my mom who mixed up the days, but I went to school being the only one wearing regular clothes..I spent the entire day crying. It’s great having a kid like little 7aki who is so pleasant and easy going!

  10. That happens to me nearly every day.

  11. LOOL i hope i dont do this ever..i can see myself sending poor bilal on the bus and getting a call to go pick him up….hahha….little 7aki started school already?? ours does not start until the 18th..*very sad face*

  12. You are such a BRAVE person and I can not thank you enough for posting this. I’ve done this. Well, not with the kid in tow, thank God, but I’ve showed up on the wrong day at Doctor’s appointment. (They look at you like you need way, way more than a physical.)

    Bless you and again, thank you for your posts. It very much brightened my day.

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