Wish You Well

I am back to reading, gearing up to go back to work. Oiling those rusty gears in my brain.

About a week ago I finished reading the book “Wish You Well” by David Baldacci.

Beldacci is well known for his suspense books and this book was quite a departure from his usual style.

The story loosely chronicles and is based on his family story and is the story of Louisa Mae Cardinal a twelve year girl who aspires to be an author just like her father and her little brother Oz who is shy and has not lost his innocence yet.

I really enjoyed this book, It was an easy read that made you want ot flip the page and keep reading, to watch the characters change and develop.

It was a book about tragedy ,hope ,hardship and love and the author was very succesful in conveying those feelings. I felt every single emotion clearly and I enjoyed this book immensely.

The book moved me and I give it a two thumbs up.

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Next review: Murder in the Name of Honour by Rana Husseini.


3 Responses

  1. I see you’re going back to your habits! That’s good! Now stop getting pregnant bikaffy! gazzazteena ya3ni with your absence!

  2. shut up KJ. I hate the fact that she is back to reading and her good reviews that will make me add more to my “Reading List”.

    Stay busy with your kids. they need attention and constant care ALLL day long

  3. KJ: Hahahaha. Ana gazzazet 7aly

    Hamza: wait till you read my review about murder in the name of honour

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