District 9


The whole movie was under raps until it was released and I think it was easy to keep it under raps because all the cast were new actors or actors who never were in a major picture.

The lead actor , Sharlto Copley did such a phenomenal job!  He effortlessly went from a nobody, to a person drunk on power to a unlikly hero.

District 9

The aliens , who looked wicked, landed on earth and they were put in a refugee camp for over 20 years which turned into a ghetto were crime thrived.

The movie discusses xenophobia and social segregation and according to Wikipedia “It was inspired by historical events that took place in South Africa during the apartheid in a residential area of Cape Town named District Six.”

A message that resonated with me is that everybody are capable of racism even if they suffered from racism themselves.

Loved it and I will buy it and I hope there will be a sequel 😀 .

Click here to watch the trailer. SUCH A COOL WEBSITE. Watch the trailer and stay on the site you will get so many more short vids and cool things.

OK I can’t stop playing on this site. SO COOL!!!!

For more facts about the film on Wikipedia click here


7 Responses

  1. Queen Rania tweeted that she watched the movie at the same time you wrote this post. Shu..were u watching it together? 😛


  2. All I have to say is that great minds think alike. hehehehe

  3. I saw this movie when it first came out here, it was amazing. There haven’t been that many scifi movies of this caliber lately.

    Btw, that was Sharlto Copley’s first acting role. He did a great job at it.

  4. I knew it, I always knew, Queen Rania is 7aki fadi(genius me)

    for whoever mokhabarat is reading, I meant 7aki fadi the blogger… bsharafak la tefhamni ghalat

  5. Darn it. You blew my cover, now i have to shut down the blog 😛

  6. desert shark: Sharlto Copley is so talented. I am dying to watch the sequel.

  7. I went in to watch this movie without intending to and barely knowing what it’s about. The Time Traveler’s Wife was sold out so we had no other choice.

    I loved it!!!

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