A Mystery That Will Never Be Solved

This mystery has been plaguing me since I got married.

Well you see, before I got married I never did any laundry so I didn’t even know that this problem existed.

The mystery of the disappearing socks.

Seriously. When I collect the laundry MYSELF and wash it MYSELF and then dry it MYSELF  why is there always at least one orphan sock that does not have a brother (or a sister)?

Where do those socks go? Seriously people, WHERE?

The only theory I can think of is that there is a sock black hole in the washer or dryer that sucks the socks into a different dimension, and that black hole takes the socks to these peoples washing machines where these people are wondering :” Where the heck did this sock come from?”.

You know what would be nice? If these people only had one  foot because they would appreciate the mystery sock. If they had two feet then they would be like, WTF, why did I get this one stupid sock.

Despite this conundrum I always hold out hope of reuniting those orphans with their siblings and that’s why I established a sock orphanage where all those lonely mate-less socks reside in the hope of them being some day reunited with their siblings.

But the sad truth is that based on very reliable statistics the probability of those socks being reunited with their siblings is slim to none.


21 Responses

  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!! lamma te3rafi leash heak beseer e7keeli alalh yerda 3aleaki!
    the same mystery is happening in my house!! and i have no clue why!!!!
    sa7akteeni o ana mo jay 3alabali ad7ak ya3leaki 😀 LOL!

  2. Hahahaha. it explains my missing socks!!!!
    the last couple of times I came to visit my socks disappeared too.

  3. Hi! I was looking for “lost socks” on Google and I just found your post…it is so true, I don´t know where they are going…and I am pretty sure that people don´t care about where they go (lol)…the true question is…how are we going to do in order not to lose them??? If you have solutions…please, share them…

  4. I also have a sock orphanage as well but they tend to get reunited quite often actually … but there are a few that haven’t been claimed in ages.

  5. LOL. I used to have the same issue when I lived alone. Even my roomate suffered from this issue. But I no longer have this when I am living at home with mom. apparently, all the socks are very disciplined and none of them would dare to stray away. LOL

  6. I put them in a mesh bag so they don’t get lost.
    My problem is why do colors leak only when my favorite white shirt is in the wash.

  7. here is your answer. It’s the first thing I thought of once I read the post!

  8. I’m convinced one is sacrificed for the others, which is why there is so much lint in the dryer filter.

  9. The same black hole is also stealing my underwear!

  10. Mai: Seriously it is so bizarre.

    sister: I was wondering about these Orphans. I was like. I don’t think I owned these and I thought the other dimension brought them to me. LOL.

    Amanda: Well some people tie them together before they put them in the wash. That’s one way to not lose them. I am just too lazy to apply this method.

    bambam: And that’s what intrigues me. Where the heck are they????

    hamza: hahahahaha. But I am a Mom and why aren’t socks afraid of me????

    jessy: Maybe I need to buy a mesh bag.

    mab3oos: HAHAHAHAHA. Too funny!!!! Even Seinfeld is intrigued.

    Katie: OMG I think you are right. I should give the lint a proper burying then, hehehehe

    KJ: HAHAHAHAH.Maybe Moogle has a hand in that.

  11. It is very useful, my mother in law gave it to me. I think she was trying to save my husband’s socks from dissapearing.

  12. LOOOL! as always, u manage to make me laff even if i dont feel like doing so!

  13. Gosh: I asked for hints and solutions…I am served, so many people replied…I´m glad to know that everyone has problems with socks, and that I am not the only one… I still did not find a system I like in order not to lose them…and I do not want to tie them 7aki Fadi (think that I am lazy too, and I think they won´t be washed properly).
    Bambam: come on, they never reunite, unluckily…
    It is still a mistery, please, message for my socks: wheverever you are, orphans, come back home, for god´s sake! I would give all my orphans 😉 to the person who is able to give me a real solution, because I am mad to see at my pile of single socks that huge!!

  14. I think I just found your lost sock. Once upon a college life I was doing the laundry, and after pairing all the socks together I found and extra pink, yes pink, sock that had no partner. I’ll FedEx it to you. Regards.

  15. Hi Schmal, thanks for the offer, I´ll give you my address so that you can FedEx my pink sock…your post made my day, so funny. Thanks all to make me see that we are not alone in this huge and crazy world!!! Today, I will definitely look for a solution on the Internet…let´s see if I can find an answer to this mistery and try to solve the problem for good… Wish me “good luck”, I´ll have coffee and energy drinks in the fridge, because this search/almost quest can be long…the journey has just begun. 😉 welcome on board of my boat…come & join

  16. Just read it, sooo freakinly hilarious and true. Was wondering about them yesterday…where do socks go?

  17. Verbal B. : Heyyyy good to see you back!

    Shmal: HAHAHAHA. Don’t make up things, admit you have pink socks, there is no shame in that 😛 .

    Razan: Do you happen to have any of my socks by any chance?

  18. Hi there,

    I think I found something interesting…have a look at that http://www.sockfix.com. It looks like something that works, I´m found of gadgets, I know, but it seems “funny”…

    Schmal, do not worry…I´ll tell the pink socks are mine hahaha 😉

  19. Wow Amanda: you are really on a mission and you found the solution!

  20. That is what I was telling, see, I am not lyng…I just waste so much money buying socks (because of the disappearing ones) and so much time (I don´t even want to reckon, it is going to make me cry…). This system, in addition, permits to dry the socks without pegs, pretty funny, uuhh, and I´ll save time I guess.
    PS: Schmal doesn´t post anything anymore…ashamed??? haha

  21. […] The Disappearing Socks Posted on December 4, 2009 by 7aki Fadi Remember that mystery I recently talked about, “The Mystery of the Disappearing Socks”. Why do our socks get lost in the process of […]

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