On Coming Back to Work and Such

So I am back in the work force and it took me a record 3 days to realize that although I am excited to be back at work and that I missed it there is a list of things that I have not missed:

1) Committing every speeding violation to drop little 7aki off to the daycare and still make the train that would get me to work at a reasonable time because sauntering in at 9:30 and leaving at 4:00 is apparently “Not Kosher”.

I am pretending that this is my car

I am pretending that this is my car

2) Still wanting to bitch slap the train riders. HELLOOOOO, news flash, I HAVE PERSONAL SPACE MOFOS, please don’t pretend that I am not sitting in front of you and your STUPID EFFING PURSE is touching my legs, move it Beeeatch.

And to you who are sitting next to me, NO , it’s not OK to keep moving your STUPID ELBOWS and touch me every once in a while.

And to you back pack carrier. Who , in this day and age, STILL carries a back pack? You are out of elementary school, you should upgrade to different kind of bag …  but I digress. When you are walking to get to your seat please  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD carry your back pack with your hand because honestly I don’t like to be smacked in the head with a MOFO back pack.

Everybody is invading my personal space

Everybody is invading my personal space

3) The crazies on the subway and street.
Need I say more.
There are LOTS OF THEM in down town Toronto for some reason. In the suburbs we truly live in a cocoon.

OMG there is a guy who looks EXACTLY like that, minus the detonator

OMG there is a guy who looks EXACTLY like that, minus the detonator

4) You know what is sadder than all of the above? That at this point I hadn’t made it to work yet.


This is me when I reach work

5) I like the work part.

6) And then rinse and repeat all of the above in reverse order to get back home.

How i feel but instead of rocks there are trains, people and crazies falling on my head

How I feel but instead of rocks there are trains, people and crazies falling on my head


9 Responses

  1. LOL, 7aki, you sounded a bit like Hala. Fond memories.

    Thanks for taking us back to work with you!!!! 😀

  2. you only get what you wish for baby! maybe the world is telling you something through these mofos… you never know

  3. Okay. I just found your blog, and you are now my new favorite hobby (that doesn’t require batteries)!

    Love, love LOVE the video where God smites the Atheists!

    Though I am already married to The Dingus, I did propose to you in a post…I’d consider goin’ lesbo for ya!

    I’ve just started my own blog, Snickerfodder; I have a lot to learn from you!

    Sista, though I’d love to meet ya in THIS life, we may not catch up until we’re both fryin’ in hell!

    Thanks for the biggest guffaws I’ve had in years!!

  4. Check out my blog — I swear to our ‘roid-raged God, I JUST THIS HOUR laid eyes upon your blog!!

    I think we may have been separated at birth!

  5. LOL viv. You are funny! Are you hyper in real life too?

    Welcome to the blog.

    I checked out your blog and i like it! I added you to my RSS feeder

  6. 7akiFadi,

    Thanks for hitting me!

    Yes, sadly, my new pal, I AM hyper in real life; no official diagnosis here, but I think adult-ADHD climbed aboard my wagon ‘o issues after I squeezed out my second kid.

    I am really enjoying reading your stuff and that of your loyal followers. Your peeps are my kinda peeps!

    Thanks for welcoming me, too!

  7. LOOOOOL well hey at least you like the work part and the rest of it at least inspires some interesting blogging material.

    BTW I’m about to start carrying a backpack like all my classmates do. Those cute juicy couture oversized bags and the kate spade totes are just not worth it. The straps cut into my shoulders and they hurt my back. Then you have the rolling briefcases which are great except for the fact that I keep tripping people everywhere I go.

    Watch out world! asoom with a bigass backpack will be rolling through at a library near you

  8. HAHAHAHA Asoom, you’ll be smacking people right, left and centre.

  9. the most awkward thing to see is seeing a guy with a full suit and is carrying a backpack. It is such a jaw dropping experience.

    I only wear backpacks when I am going to explore the landscapes and nature.

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