Overheard in the Lunch Room 1

My new cubicle is located right next to the lunch room so I get to hear a lot of chatter during the day so I will start a series called: overheard in the lunch room.

Way too talkative colleague (AKA the Nanny because she sounds like Nanny Fran):  When I go in the shower, first, I scrub real hard and …..

At this point I tuned her out because, DUDE , I didn’t really want the mental image to stay with me all day.


7 Responses

  1. Please God, don’t let this lady be an obnoxious Bible-thumper

    (Well, I saw the pic, not too many Bible thumpers look that at work)

  2. HAHAHAHA Kinzi.

    No no, I don’t think she is a bible thumper. Not the way she dresses anyway.

    She is just loud. Not totally obnoxious though. She’s funny, could be annoying. Overly social. I even like her sometimes.

    See I can’t place this woman. My super ability to place people is stumped.

  3. Whew! I could imagine having to explain the obtuse behaviors of a wild-hare sister in Christ. Sometimes I wish Jesus had made mentally stability a condition of salvation. But then, woud I be welcome? 😉

    Dunno, 7aki, with a little volume control, this gal could be a BFF. At the very least, mega-blog-fodder. Can’t wait for stories.

  4. I agree with kinzi; can’t wait for the stories!

    In fact, I’d set her up; plant things in the lunchroom that you know will stir things up.

    Then kick back ‘n enjoy the show….

  5. sassy: That is jsut birlliant. Hmmm, l might plant newspaper articles or something.

  6. Nanny Fran is one of the most amazing women and I love her to bits so please go ahead and tell us what was scrubbed and other foamy details thank you

  7. KJ: HAHAHAHA. Trust me, the resemblance ends with the voice.

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