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    I am going to tell you a lot of things but at the end of the day it's all 7aki Fadi (empty talk , حكي فاضي), most probably somebody out there already said it.
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    "I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief."

    ~ Gerry Spence

    "Dammit, Stephen Hawking! I just wanted to color outside the lines. You didn't have to burn the whole coloring book!"

    ~ LGalaviz

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Random Early Thoughts of the Day

– Some people SHOULD NOT be allowed to procreate and pass down their genes.

– I can’t believe it, no matter how early I show up at work there are always people there. I will come to work at 6 am next time. IN YOUR FACE EARLY PEOPLE.

– I am hosting thanksgiving dinner this year….WHAT? YIKES!

– I like to say things in all caps. Is it annoying? Because I am not gonna stop 😛

– It seems that all the great Jordanian bloggers are gone. Except for a handful I can count on one hand. Was blogging just a fad?


– I think I am turning into a shopaholic. Too bad I am broke. Or should I be thanking God I am broke?

– I need a raise so I can shop.

– I love my girls. Sigh.

– It’s a long weekend this weekend, yaaaaaay. Oh wait. THANKSGIVING. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

– This post has no purpose maybe I should say something intelligent.

– Did you know that they crashed something on the moon today? ON PURPOSE. Pretty cool if I say so myself.

– The end.


10 Responses

  1. Mabruuk Al Thanksgiving!!! What’s on the menu?

    3njad shu mal al bloggers? Buncha lazy slackers cum twitterers now.

    Miss ’em like crazy.

    Serious, here you and I are, mothers who work, and we make time to amuse one another.

    Blessings on you today, Um Al tinaynaat

  2. 7aki,

    I nominate myself for sterilization; should’a been court-prevented to begin with.

    No wait!

    I nominate my HUSBAND for sterilization.

    Is anyone else hungry for turkey?

  3. Kinzi: Tell me about it!

    The menu:
    Turkey (OF course)
    Curried roasted potatoes
    Broccoli with cheese sauce
    Beef strogonof
    Some kind of rice
    Mashed potatoes
    layaly libnan for dessert


  4. Broccoli with cheese sauce…mmm
    please talk more about the sauce!! I need sth new, cuz I always make us dip it in mayo!! it’s time to stop :p
    good luck with the cooking:)

  5. Your menu sounds delicious! We have more than a month still until our Thanksgiving. 😦

  6. 😦 😦 😦

    invite me and I’ll get you the items you wanna shop for

  7. I wish I can come to thanksgiving.
    Biddi Mama!!!1 waaaa333

  8. Nido: It’s really yummy.
    You just put butter, fry a little bit of flour to make the sauce thick, put some milk and let it heat up a little, then start adding the cheese, whatever kind you like, then stir until it melts and add milk as necessary.
    Pour that over the steamed broccoli. Yummy.

    Or you can google it cause I don’t measure anything. hehehehe. I eye it.

    Katie: Oh Katie it was soooo good. the stuffing, the cranberry sauce , the gravy.

    hamza: Awwww. taeb if you are around here next time I will invite you. My husband and I are planning to have a family-less thanksgiving dinner next year. Meaning invite all the bachelors and mama less people.

    sister: ta3ali 😛

  9. – I think I am turning into a shopaholic. Too bad I am broke. Or should I be thanking God I am broke?

    Oh Hai!

  10. I also don’t use measuring, except when I’m making desserts…
    this sounds delicious!! I will try it and let you know this week 😉 thanks!!

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