Blog Action Day – Reduce Climate Change and Have Better Life Quality All at the Same Time

Due to expensive housing, most Canadians live an average of about 40 KM from work. Getting to work is truly a challenge especially during the cold stormy winter months.

Taking public transportation is great and readily available everywhere which makes it so much easier to get to work, so I do that, I take 2 trains and it takes me about an hour and fifteen minutes to get to work.

You do the math, 1.25 h * 2 times a day * 5 days = 12.5 hours a week. Just to get to work.

That’s Crazy!

Although I do enjoy those 12.5 hours reading, time otherwise I don’t have, I would rather be doing something else instead.

With the advance in technology there is no longer a need to be physically at work to be productive which brings me to what I think would be the BEST solution to this problem.

What most Canadian companies should do is what is called office sharing . Two employees share a desk where they do not have to come in to work everyday, they come in 2-3 times a week and work from home the rest of the week. The desk is shared with someone who comes in on the alternate days.

Think about it.
The employer:
– Saves money on rent and utilities since they have to rent half the space.
– Consuming less energy.
– Making more revenue because they are cutting the above costs
– Helping the environment by reducing energy consumption. It’s amazing to just learn how much energy is consumed and spent to run a business.

The employees:
– Are not driving/taking Public transportation to work which reduces green house emissions
– Save money by not having to spend it on public transportation, gas and parking.
– Have better quality of life by not having to spend so much time traveling to work
– Family unit is happier because the stress of getting to work is relieved thus the employee is happier thus the employee is more productive.

I could go on and on about the benefits of this.

I think this should be implemented where it can be. Some agencies are already doing it and I think eventually most companies should.

What ideas do you have to reduce climate change? Blog about it because today is “Blog Action Day” and it’s all about climate change.


6 Responses

  1. Good suggestions. I sold my car a few years ago and have got by fine without it. Here’s my post for Blog Action Day:

    Everyone else go make one too!

  2. support the indigenous people in Peru, they were attacked and killed at Bagua for defending the world and its climate.

  3. Funny 7aki. When I lived in the US, I had a “mobile” job. This meant that I worked from home, but could go into an offce as needed, sign in and have my phone available at my temporary desk. And I could go to an office anywhere in the country. The commute was great, but my officemates were a bit off, if you ask me ;).

  4. Canada Guy: Thanks for reading!

    Derek Wall: Interesting.

    MommaBean: They should definitely implement that everywhere. There is nothing better than working while still in Pajamas 😛 .

  5. guess I was late and I missed the opportunity of blogging about climate change day.

    If there is a model that I’d suggest we follow, then it is definitely the UTAH model where they work 10 hours for 4 days and have 3 days of weekend. Because of the work load, there are many time that you end up staying past your 8 hour limit. There is more on the UTAH model and its environmental impact here:

  6. Hey Hamza: The only problem I see with this model is people who have children, there is no daycare that is willing to care for kids for that long. It just simply does not work for households with both parents working outside the home.

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