To vaccinate or not To Vaccinate That is the Question – The Swine Flu Edition


The H1N1 vaccine is finally ready in Canada and it’s getting shipped out to all clinics and I have to make the decision whether to give it to my Girls or not. So I am beyond confused and here is what I got:

– Our family Doctor said, don’t do it, too risky since it was not tested enough
– Every Doctor on TV says, do it , it’s safe, the benefit outweighs the risks by a million
– Most importantly, Dr Hareega says to do it.
– My coworkers sisters brother in law – who is a doctor – says don’t do it.

My question is, are the doctors basing their recommendations on pure science or are they using their personal judgment? Because it seems every doctor is saying something different. Usually doctors agree but it seems they are split right in the middle.

I decided that I am certainly getting it for myself since I get the regular flu shot every year and this shot is no different. Maybe give it to my 5 year old since last year she took the regular flu shot for the first time. But should I give it to the baby? My Husband says he does not want to take it, so if he gets sick he will get the baby sick.

Everybody I know who got the H1N1 Flu  got really sick, thankfully did not have to be hospitalized but still suffered a lot.

What should I do?


10 Responses

  1. don’t vaccinate! I read that it’s very risky because they still don’t know its effect in the long run

  2. You’re worrying too much and I understand. I say that don’t vaccinate for now and take precautions on what you do outdoors. Let the vaccination mature for a while

  3. from what i read and see on TV i can tell u don’t vaccinate, because even if laa sama7a allah u got the flu, u will recover maybe needs more time than the regular flu but u will be fine but the vaccine is really dangerous and effects u on the long terms …..

  4. I hate to say it this way, but do you really want to make your girls the guinea pigs of the vaccine manufacturers? Unfortunately, this vaccine WAS NOT tested on HUMANS. So, while I have no issues with vaccines that have been tested on humans before my kids get them, I SO would not since this hasn’t… But that’s just me…

  5. Simple me.. where did you read that??

    SimSim… which program where you watching??

    MommaBean.. they have already tested the vaccine on guinea pigs and thousands of humans before releasing it to the market. I don’t know who told you it wasn’t tested.

    7aki fadi… go with your instincts, that’s what I told my sister , because of God forbid anything happened to the kid after he’s vaccinated you’ll be blaming the vaccine and yourself for it. People are blaming vaccines for mental disability and cancer just because they got that after the vaccine. It’s very clear that those against immunizations are not basing their argument on science.

  6. Hareega: My gut tells me to do it. The only one I am worried about is the baby getting it. For the adults and the 5 year old I feel it’s alright but not the baby. It starts in November so I’ll see what happens.

  7. well children younger than 6 months of age should not receive it. Between 6 months and 2 years they can only get the injectible form.

  8. one of the reasons you are in this dilemma is because I understand that there are now 2 versions of the vaccine. One is the Pandemrix and a newer one which is the Arepanrix. and apparently one is safer than the other. So maybe figuring out which one is being distributed in Canada might help you in solving your dilemma.

  9. hamza… none is safer than the other, but there are groups of patients who should not receive the nasal one. Vaccines could be either a very weakened virus or a killed virus. People with very weak immune systems from either diseases or drugs should not receive the very weakened virus-vaccine because it can cause disease in them. However for people with normal immune system they can receive it (even if they have heart disease, high blood pressure…etc).
    For those with weak immune system, they can receive the killed virus, which is the injectible form.

    The same concept applies for all other vaccines.

  10. Boy! Good blog. The same arguements are made against lots of vaccines and the vast majority of people take those without an issue.

    And then there is those rare cases…

    So, besides some excellent advice above (which means more homework) it comes down to a moral choice. The slight chance of hurting your child with a vaccine or the potential of them catching the virus.

    And in that no one can advise you.

    I hope your homework finding out if Canada is getting the “safer” of the two will help in you decision.

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