A Dose of Vampires: Twilight Series

I recently finished reading the infamous Twilight book Series .

There are four books in the series : Twilight , New Moon , Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

The first book was good, it captured my attentuion and I wanted to contiune reading it. Not deep reading by no means but a good distraction. The main character Bella, the human and Edward the vampire were intersting. How do they get along, what happens to them , etc etc.

As for the movie Twilight, IT SUCKED. It was sooo bad. Nothing like the book. Just a watered down version of the book and just blah.

With New Moon, the main female characher Bella started to annoy me, she is soo whiny and just … well .. whines all the time. But it was sitll intersting because the other male lead characther Jacob appears so it’s intersting to see his development in the book. I like Jacob, I think I am on team Jacob.

As for Eclipse, I truly believe that it’s completely redundant and frankly boring. Bella continued to grate on my nerves and at this point I think that I would prefer to read about other people in the book. She is just so annoying.

So before I started reading Breaking Dawn I was dreading reading about oh poor Bella blah blah blah. And as if the Author Stephanie Meyer read my mind and knew that Bella is annoying, she let Jacob narrate half the book and I think that is the books saving grace. Jacob is funny and cute and gives the characters another dimension. So I enjoyed this book . Up until the annoying Bella started narrating again.

All in all these books are light distracting reads that can be enjoyable at times.

I give it one thumb up and one thumb down.

Next review is going to be His Dark Materials Trilogy (The Golden Compass; The Subtle Knife; The Amber Spyglass)

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9 Responses

  1. Try one of Charlaine Harris’ books- Dead and Gone is a good one. There’s a little more “fun” in them.

  2. I wanted to buy the whole set the other day, but was scard it’ll be a ma2lab.. but now i think I will go for it 🙂 btw people who didn’t read Twilight liked the movie more than those who read the book.

  3. I agree with Simple Me, I read twilight before the movie and the resulting hype and the movie was “ok” maybe “good” at best but nothing like the book. I absolutely LOVED Twilight it was like the perfect fantasy escape for me that I needed at the time. The rest of the series kind of went downhill after that. I thought “New Moon” was pretty boring.

    So what are you reading next? My next one is the Lovely Bones!

  4. I loved the books for the characters – except Bella. Not only was she whiney, she was just stupid in her choices and set a bad example for girls to develop any sort of wisdom with guys or self-protection.

    I was hooked indeed, but mainly to discover what would happen with the Voltari, Jacob and whether she would go vamp and how.

    I just watched the movie with my Twilight fan nieces (they were the main reason I read them). Seeing the story was good, although Bella was just so lifeless. Maybe part Zombie to begin with?

    I was Team Jacob all the way, although I appreciated Edward’s interesting form of restraint. A redeeming characteristic.

  5. I simply can’t read fiction. I see no value in doing so.

  6. Bella sounds too much like Sookie from true blood…Maybe you should be checking that out its my current pet peeve

  7. Sandy: I read the first book and I think I am hooked, I am getting the second one next 😀 . Yes twilight is very PG compared to her books.

    Simply you : Yeah you would like the books you should go for it. As for the movie I totally agree, you read the book and build up the characters in your head to be disappointed by the casting in the movie and how lifeless Bella is.

    Asoom: I am currently reading the Amber spyglass, the Golden Compass trilogy, quite good if you are into fantasy. Dark in some areas.
    After that I think I will read another Charlaine Harris book, you know, the true blood books.
    The lovely Bones was a GREAT book. I can’t wait for the movie to come out.

    Kinzi: I have to agree with you on Edwards self restraint. It feels like Bella never deserved neither Jacob or Edward. The last book was pretty good.
    Have you heard about Midnight Sun? It’s Edwards version of the story. It was leaked on the net and you can find it in the website linked above.

    Mohanned: Well it’s like watching TV shows, no value but highly entertaining. And I like to think that fiction makes your imagination live 🙂 .

    Bam: I got really hooked on true blood, I watched all the episodes online and I loved it! Now Sookie is not whiney per se but she feel that she’s soooo entitled. Like when she got upset with Sam for not telling her he’s a shape shifter, like seriously? SHUT UP, hehehe. All in all she’s alright. Trust me she’s nothing like Bella.

    We should compare notes about true blood, it is SUCH a disturbing show, but in a good way 🙂

  8. I still haven’t read breaking dawn..should I?

  9. Saifallah: Breaking Dawn is very good, you should read it. It’s full of action

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