His Dark Materials

I watched the  movie “The golden compass” when it first came out, although  I haven’t had read the book at the time, and was very disappointed in it.  I thought it could have been much more. So I was hesitant to read the books.

A year ago as I was browsing in one of those cheap books stores I found the whole trilogy for a very good price and I could not resist buying it.  Forward one year , I was low on reading material so I grabbed it and I was pleasantly surprised! I was kicking myself for not reading them sooner.

I just have finished reading His Dark Materials Trilogy (The Golden Compass; The Subtle Knife; The Amber Spyglass).

The trilogy is geared towards children but I have to say that it needs a level of maturity to be read. I belive that maybe the kids should be at least 11- 13 to read it since it does contain some information that could be hard to process.

In the books we get to know the 11 year old brave girl Lyra Belacqua and her daemon  Pantalaimon who live in a parallel world to ours in Oxford. Lyra takes us with her on her adventure were we get to meet many interesting beings who become her closest friends and allies.

What I found surprising (and I truly did not expect in the books) was  the religious (or anti religious as some people would say) aspect of it. It talks about how religion corrupts and how it could turn people into evil beings. It talks about angles and death. It talks about how the soul occupies not only us, but the whole world. It talks about God and the idea of God .

All of these things existence and purpose are questioned and searched.

Truly a thought-provoking trilogy, surprisingly philosophical. The author is truly talented when it comes to creating all these fantasy parallel worlds to ours.

Wether you are a person of faith or not I encourage you to read it. The trilogy is very well written and very thought-provoking.

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4 Responses

  1. I loveee those books. Amazing read. I ws just thinkign abuot them this morning. The author is brilliant.

  2. I hope your blog would be around by the time I have my kids. 😛

  3. hamza: I will be here for EVER. hehehehe. Well only as long as wordpress doesn’t delete my blog.

  4. […] – His Dark Materials […]

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