This “Sharing Business”.

Me: I am going to buy 2 bars of chocolate, one for you and one for me and peanut to share.

Little 7aki: Can I have a piece from yours when I finish mine?

Me: But you have a whole bar for yourself! Why would you want to share your sisters?

Little 7aki: Because I always share my stuff with her.

Me: Well no, you have your own so I will not share with you.

Little 7aki, with a hint of attitude in her stance : This is not fair! …..  OK, from now on I don’t want to hear about any of this ….. (while she did double finger quotes in the air) …. “sharing business” .

Me: HA HA HA HA HA. What did you say? (I was thinking, I must be imagining things)

Little 7aki: This ….. (while AGAIN  she did double finger quotes in the air) …. “sharing business”

And I passed out from laughing.


She is double quoting.

Dude, when did this development happen?

She is five. FIVE!



8 Responses

  1. “OMG”
    can you bite her for me?
    and yes. “you are doomed”


    Dintcha know? With kids, what’s theirs is theirs and whats yours is theirs, especially where chocolate is concerned.

  3. oh dear you are in for a world of pain

  4. Sister: OMG you should have SEEN HER. Mom was on the floor and she wiggling her head while she said. LMAO.

    Kinzi: I thought only wifes followed the “what’s theirs is theirs and whats yours is theirs” rule. Now I feel for my husband. hahaaaaaaa.

    KJ: Sigh.

  5. yakhtchiii!!
    what a HUGE development! hehe

  6. Hahah I’m kinda amazed that she said sharing business in the first place 😛

    Things were simpler when I was a kid xD

  7. LOOOOOL…I am trying to imagine her tone when she said it. hehehehe

  8. Nido: It’s an unanticipated development.

    Saed: I KNOW! When i was a kid i never said sharing business. What can I say kids these days.

    hamza: the tone is what made me roll on the floor. It was smart assish with a hint of indifference.

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