Dentists and Hair Dressers: A Comparative Study

There are two chairs I don’t like to occupy; Dentists and Hair dressers.

They both manage to make me super self-conscious.

With Hair dressers my hair is never good enough, it’s either too dry, or it’s too oily, it is too long or too short, I either condition it too much or I don’t do it enough.

I mention what products I use and they gasp in horror. HOW COULD YOU USE this kind of gel/shampoo/conditioner, you are KILLING your HAIR. You must buy this $100 gel/shampoo/conditioner.

I leave the hair salon thinking I have the worst hair on the planet.  I am not worthy of having hair.

Same happens at the dentist office. No matter how nice my teeth are and the fact I never get cavities EVER is not good enough for them. I either don’t use enough mouth rinse or I use it too much, I can never seem to floss the proper way or enough times.And my gums, THE HORROR.

I mention what products I use and they gasp in horror. HOW COULD YOU USE this kind of  toothpaste/rinse/floss, you are KILLING your GUMS. You must buy this $100 toothpaste/rinse/floss.

I leave the dentist office  thinking I have the worst gums on the planet.  I am not worthy of having teeth.

Going to either feels like being in an abusive relationship, I am never good enough and I keep going back for more.

Are you in an abusive relationship?


7 Responses

  1. I hear you. although i am better in the hair department, but worse in the teeth area.. i feel bad for them sometimes, they spend all day in people’s hair, or gums! what a job.

    and yes, i am in an abusive relationship. with my boss! he’s so verbally abusive ud think im his wife!

  2. VA: Yeah, hair and teeth are the grosset things aren’t they.

    My sisters old boss thought he was like her dad, at least your boss thinks you’re his wife.

  3. OMG! This is so true for me. Well not at my current hairdresser’s. He is so nice to me and keep complimenting my hair although I think it’s nothing special. But I guess he likes to be nice to me. But other hairdressers always gasp at how my hair is in such a bad state!

    At the dentist’s… No matter which dentist I go to and no matter how good my teeth seem to be, there’s always some complaint.

  4. the worst is the male dental hygenist who is pissed off because he wasn’t smart enough to get into dental school, so now he is a second tier dental professional who has to work under a female dentist and perform all menial dental task…..and he deals with this failure by belittling patients and their tooth caring habits….my dental hygenist is a tooth nazi and l dread going.

  5. Posh: Tell me about it. I don’t understand them really. No wonder they have the highest suicide rate in all professions.

    Bob: They are teeth Nazi’s indeed! Well imagine if your dream was to be a doctor and then all you do all day is clean peoples gross teeth. Then the doctor waltzes in takes a quick look and then says with concern on their faces: “So how are your teeth”, and by asking this question and then poking around your teeth for 2 seconds they get paid a hundred bucks while the hygienist does all the dirty work, literally, and get paid penny’s. Life is so unfair.

  6. i just love this post! gr8 writing!

  7. lendmeurear : Thanks! 😀

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