The Almost Moon

I seldom take books out from the library, I take out a lot of Audio books but not actual paper books. It always seems that the popular books are always not available or on a VERY long waiting list where you have to wait ages to get them. So when I saw The Almost Moon By Alice Sebold sitting there in the “library staff  recommends”  section I was happy because Alice Sebold has written lovely bones and I thought it was a GREAT book.

I am sorry to say that the book disappointed me. It was so meh.

It is a story about a woman who on an impulse kills her 80 something year old mother. Don’t worry I didn’t spoil anything because this happens right as soon as the book starts.

The first half of the book goes on and on. It felt like it dragged on forever. It was very disconnected  and all over the place. I usually can follow a plot quiet easily but the first part of the book left me very confused.

The second half of the book was alright. Nothing to write home about.

All in all the book was messy and all over the place. I didn’t connect with the characters, some parts were far-fetched and the ending was anti climatic.

If I didn’t love the authors earlier book I most probably would have passed by it at the library and not given it a second thought.

Read the review of J. S. Willis “Quick Tidal here. Cracked me up! And said everything I wanted to say.

Currently I am reading some classical novels, I am currently reading Oliver Twist and I think after that I will be reading Moby Dick.

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3 Responses

  1. u thought lovely bones was a “GREAT” book? hmmmmm

  2. Mo: I take it you didn’t like the lovely bones 🙂 .

  3. i mean i liked the idea and the premise .. the execution not so much

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