New Moon – The Movie

Two words,  Team Jacob.

Rain never looked so good.

The movie was a hundred times better than Twilight. Twilight bored me to tears when I watched it, it was so bad, but this movie was much better.

Just like in the Novel I want Bella to die because she irritates me … A LOT. She is just so … needy .. I don’t know what Jacob and Edward see in her. I mean, maybe Edward loves her because he can’t read her mind but WHY JACOB??? He can do SO much better.

The acting was sub par, when Edward and Bella kiss they look like they SHOULD be in pain but never accomplish the effect. And another thing, I understand Edward is a vampire and all and his body is hard as marble and blah blah, but should his acting be so rigid and cold and marbly too? And Bella’s acting is just so NON EXISTENT .
HOW did those two get cast?

But the Volturi scene does not disappoint. Aro is a really really good actor. In one scene he reads Edwards mind where he sees how he desires Bella so much that Edwards desire makes him thirsty so the Volturi salivates and swallows and YOU (the movie watcher) feel thirsty. And Jane ,helloooooooo, is DAKOTA FANNING!!! Great choice.

The Volturi will make the last movie installment (Breaking Dawn) AWESOME.

You are welcome!

So, if we were scoring Jacobs hotness I would give the movie a 10/10. But since we need to be objective and take everything into consideration and blah blah blah I would give the movie a 7/10.



19 Responses

  1. Hehe, I have a sudden gush of love for you. I still haven’t watch the movie as Hammoudeh still didn’t get it somehow (I’m still surprised), but I watched a few trailers. I agree that both Edward and Bella are as shitty when it comes to acting as shit itself, but come on, Edward is so effing hot. Okay, as long as he doesn’t talk..

  2. i loved this movie, and the sountrack is so, wow! i love indie grungy music. anyway.

    i do not find shovel face (Edward) good looking at allllllll, and i do not find Jacob stunning either :smiley byehrob: he’s 17 for crying out loud, its like, a crime to droll over an underage guy! he had potential, he will grow up to be a good looking guy, yes.

    anyway, i was in awe with Dakota! i cant believe she is all grown up! i remember her when she was around 7 or 8 in I Am Sam!

  3. *drool!* not droll

  4. Roba: I don’t know Robz but Pattinson doesn’t do it for me. Like AT ALL.
    But if you are a fan, there was a trailer for another movie Pattinsons in, it looks interesting. Google it.

    I love you too!

    VA: Listen, I appreciate beauty in all ages and sizes. I think it’s wrong to hold age against Jacob, it’s kinda discriminatory and I am a fair person 😛 .

  5. Yaaaaaaa 7aki, TEAM JACOB

    Not because he is hot (it is weird when you get to be the age that could be his grandma) but due to his heart and his hurt. Yella ya ibni, pull up your pants.

    (plus, the werewolf thing is REALLY what happens to human teen boys, in slo-mo)

    Kirsten Stewart just doesn’t do the Bella’s quirkiness, which is the only aspect of her character I loved.

    Can’t wait for the Voltari scene, and that hot yellow Porsche. I’ll see it this summer with my nieces, it’s a tradition now. 🙂

    I would like to see one pic of Rob P with a normal smile, not the eye-brow framed broooody mood.

  6. I was team Jacob BEFORE I saw his 6 pack. He is just funny and human and has a big heart so him being hot is like icing on the cake. hehehehe.

  7. It’s really amusing that this movie makes us all sound 13 😀

  8. Wait Roba till you watch it. So much Eye candy. Maybe you should wait until it’s in the theaters.

  9. It already is in the theatres, but I’m not sure I want to ruin my several-year record of avoiding the cinema.

  10. You don’t go to the theater!!!!!!! Wow. Tab leh? maybe you should blog about it.

  11. Ya 7ak, I believe you, Jacob is a real guy in the book, Edward is just too Edwardian, serious culture lag.

    VA, you really do make me want to see it. Hold me back.

    Roba, no cinema for you after LOTR?

    (Yes, this does make us all sound 13, I think Bakkouz has decided we are kerazy)

    But, how fun to have the best of 13 + the wisdom of 25/32/49? Or however old we are 😉

  12. ah michael sheeen..I heard he is being casted for a role in underworld 4. So let’s see how this goes.

  13. hamza: Well if he does as good as he did in this movie he’ll be great.

  14. […] on December 4th, 2009 at 5:17 am […]

  15. Very nice review…and thanks for the pics 😀

    I did not mind the Twilight movie though…preferred it to the book. I am probably the only one who thinks so…

  16. Nish: What was your favorite part in the review? The picture? LOL.

    Yes I agree the book twilight was better than the movie, new moon is surprisingly good and follows the book pretty well.

  17. […] It could even convert Roba into going to the theater […]

  18. 7aki and all,

    I ADORE the saga! Stephanie is my hero!

    As a 7th grade English teacher, I have witnessed firsthand how she has turned non-readers and reluctant-readers into REAL READERS, quite literally, OVERNIGHT.

    These kids, who wouldn’t have LOOKED at a book for a cool mil before, are now emailing me with questions/comments/critiques of her books – or they were waiting for me at my classroom door before school – dying to discuss. It’s exciting as hell!

    What she has done for YA readers is phenomenal.

    Both boys and girls alike are frothing over these innocent characters, and what other writer can span the tastes of many generations? (Don’t even get me started on that thieving Rowling…)

    I have NEVER been so involved in a book and its characters, myself. I loved every minute of every page, though cliched and boorish at times, but still, entertaining.

    I was in love with Edward from the first mention in text….

    Team Edward, am I; better yet: TEAM STEPHANIE!!!!

    As for the movies, I prefer New Moon over Twilight. I thought the wolves were very well done. Would’ve liked to have seen a few nakey adolescent brown boys a’runnin’ through the woods, though, but, eh, that’s okay!

    As for the Volturi; Michael Sheen was THE only choice!
    He is a major hottie as Lucien in the Underworld saga — can’t wait to see more of him in the next films!

    Know what else I enjoy?

    Chatting with you and your readers, 7aki!

    Happy Holidays, ALL!

  19. It’s amazing how a book geared at teenagers can make them WANT to read. I am happy to hear her books are influencing the kids to read!

    Love hearing from you Viv 😀 .

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