A Mystery Uncovered: The Disappearing Socks

Remember that mystery I recently talked about, “The Mystery of the Disappearing Socks”. Why do our socks get lost in the process of washing?

Well wonder no more because I found out HOW and WHERE these things disappear to.

All our theories were wrong; no it was not a washing machine black hole, or a dryer portal to another world.

Are you ready to know where they go? You will NEVER EVER believe it.

To make it easier to explain I added two pictures to illustrate.

I found FIVE socks. They were kind of gross so I won’t be reuniting them with their brothers (or sisters) but at least now I know where they go and I can sleep at night knowing that my house is black hole free.

So anyone with a front loading washing machine, go RIGHT NOW check the drum and report back to me if you find anything.


16 Responses

  1. Yeah, that’s happened to me before. I saw the sock sticking out and realized that’s where they go to hide.

  2. Gosh 7aki, that portal to another world deal really is my favorite conspiracy theory. As I added another two socks to my collection of singles, I hesitated to check the washing machine as those I am missing must be black with yuck now,


  3. 7aki, that is awesome!!! How did you ever find this out??

  4. oh damn, see now you have ruined it for us. if you have kept that secret, your house might become the next attraction site in Canada for all astronomists or fantasy fans interested in experimenting with black holes. 😛

  5. Dave: And you have been withholding this information from us? Tsk tsk tsk.

    Kinzi: Shudder is an understatement Kinzi, it’s disgusting. So did you find any?

    neutron: So did you find any??????

    Hamza: Yeah the ending to this mystery is anti climatic. UNLESS it was aliens sticking it in the plastic liner thingy we’d be still in business.

  6. lol, no, I will live in denial of all things black and moldy in my home until I get some clean laundry folded and all put away.

    I will send a boy to do the slimy job.

  7. Is it the same for top loading washing machines.
    I’m looking for my keys though :”( ,not socks!

  8. Dawn: I only solved the mystery for front loading machines. Sorry 😦 . Good luck with the keys.

  9. jerry seinfeld has a bit about that ..

    Socks are the most amazing article of clothing. They hate their lives. They’re in the shoes with stinky feet, the boring drawers. The dryer is their only chance to escape and they all know it. They do escape from the dryer. They plan it the night before. “Tomorrow. The dryer. I’m going. You wait here.” The dryer door swings open, the sock is waiting up against the side wall.
    [stands stiffly sideways, looking furtively both ways]
    He hopes you don’t see him, and he goes down the road, da da da, da da da da.
    [hand motion of a sock inching along the road]
    They get buttons sewn on their face, join the puppet show!

  10. Mo: hehehehehe. Did you see the Youtube video in the other post linked to here? Pretty funny.

  11. hmmm.. so this is where my white sock went!!
    it was driving me mad since I never lose anything. like Never!

  12. If I’ve seen the older post earlier I could’ve told you and saved you the trouble 🙂

  13. tsk tsk tsk, you should always share 🙂

  14. lol it’s not my fault… i just discovered ur blog 😉

  15. Thought this post was so funny cos I too have missing socks, back in NZ though . I can only check when I go back there next year. I really like the way you write, I just had to link you. Wish I was as funny as you! Anyway thanks for dropping by my blog =)

  16. lendmeurear: OK in that case I forgive you. 😉

    Shahirah: OMG when you go to NZ you HAVE to let me know if you found anything.
    The pleasure was all mine 🙂 .

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