Chipmunk or Hamster? Can’t Make Up My Mind.

On Tuesday I paid a nice visit to the torture chamber Oral surgeon and I got my wisdom tooth extracted.

Said tooth was sitting harmlessly in my mouth minding it’s own business and not causing any trouble, I just had to interfere in its harmlesness and get it out “just in case” it wanted to cause trouble later on.

Now I look like this

This is how I look like, but with less hair.

I am in pain. WHY DIDN’T I JUST LEAVE IT ALONE? I had to be all preventative and shiznet.

Throbbing pain alert!

Excuse me while I go self medicate.


9 Responses

  1. I wish I had mine extracted before 😦
    now I have to go through surgery again, get the other 2 extracted I mean…just like during my 1st pregnancy !!
    salamtik, it’s soooo painful…

  2. I had the top ones taken out when I was 25 , they were a piece of cake. Apparently the bottom ones are a whole different story, apparently you can get permanent numbness, 10% chance. I have 2, one is fully impacted, I left it in there, no reason to take it out. Too close to the nerve and not causing issues . The other one was partially erupted so it WOULD HAVE caused problems, I couldn’t brush it and stuff. So I was preemptive. I have been swollen for 4 days and today I can finally eat something not soft.

    So why are you taking yours out? And for your sake I hope they are the top ones.

  3. When I was 2 months preg. with Mariyah, the 2 on the right side got infected, one was fully impacted. the surgery was easy but the pain afterwards was killing me. I couldn’t take pain killers cuz I was preg.! I
    now I am 2 months pregnant again and the same EXACT thing is happening on the left side!
    They say that treating the infection while pregnant is more harmful than extracting the teeth! What the heck!?!!
    I’m glad you’re feeling better, I remember suffering for over 3 weeks :((( I don’t want to go through this agaaaain :((

  4. OH MY GOD. I cannot IMAGINE dealing with this without pain killers. I would have died without them. Thankfully it seems that the swelling and hte pain are almost entirely gone. SO 1 week is not too bad. Three, I would die.

    I hope you don’t have to extract them. Having babies kills your teeth eh, nobody tells you that before you get pregnant.

  5. I am supposed to extract the bottom 2, but no I think I will push it back a little. The doctor didn’t tell me they would hurt that much. I guess I will wait till I can get days off from work.

  6. I don’t know if it makes a difference if they are the top teeth or the lower teeth. the on my left lower jaw was infected so I removed the top one with it as well.. I still have the other 2 on the right. Thankfully, they were removed normally with no need for surgery. I managed to recover in on day only

  7. Sina: It depends on your age, if you are 18 – 25 it should be no problem, once you are above that age the root is longer and deeper and that’s why it would be harder.

    Good look with that 🙂

    Hamza: Yes because when you took them out how old were you? 5? LOL . If I was you I would get them out now and get it over with.

  8. You should have had baba 7aki punch you. That way you’d lose the tooth in a matter of seconds and have him locked away for a week and pay you handsomely for compensation 😛

  9. KJ: Maybe I should let him punch you instead, it would be very entertaining. HAHAHAHAHAHA

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