The Inevitable Avatar Movie Review

Where do I begin with this one.


The fact that the cast was perfect? I would not change anyone.

The fact that the Graphics were BEYOND this world? The planet Pandora was a rich beautiful magical place.

The fact that the 3D effects made you feel like you were there? I felt I was there spying on their world, peaking through a window.

The vivid colors, the sound effects, the different creatures. It was all just perfect.

Everything about the movie was great. I even liked the story, some people said the story was weak but I disagree, there was not one dull moment in the movie and the three hours felt like one.

And it has a message to deliver that we should be one with nature, listen to it not just go destroy it pell-mell because there could be some forces in it that we are not aware of an organized order , harmony. Us not seeing it does not mean it does not exist.

I give it two thumbs up.


It could even convince Roba into going to the theater

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17 Responses

  1. i just came from the movie, the only comment that i have is, i could not touch the trees and the leafs, the movie looked so real, and i did not know the movie was 3 hours until i read your review

  2. I saw the movie last night and it was mind-blowing. I stepped into the movie with a bit of skepticism, even after hearing the rave word-of-mouth reviews. I expected the movie to be good (after all, it has a Rotten Tomatoes fresh rating of 84%), but I couldn’t gauge from the trailer how the CGI stuff was actually going to look onscreen. CG is one of those tricky things where if it is not done exactly right, it can ruin the entire illusion.

    Once I started watching the movie, however, I realized my skepticism was unfounded. The CG world was so beautiful, I found myself entranced, wishing I could go to this far away planet. The character rendering and movement was so fluid and natural, I forgot that I was watching a digitally generated object. The detail that was infused into every aspect of the movie – from creature anatomy design, to the design of machines and vehicles, to the environment of the planet – was mind-blowing. As a designer whose job is to think through all types of details, I found Avatar to be a feast for the senses.

    The story line wasn’t anything super-innovative. It seemed to recycle elements that we have seen in previous movies, but that didn’t make it bad at all. It was still extremely enjoyable, even if somewhat predictable. In fact, taking a semi-familiar story line and injecting it into an incredible new environment made it an extreme joy to watch.

    James Horner is one of my favorite screen composers, and he didn’t fail when it came to the score. Most of the time I felt that the score heightened what was transpiring on screen. I did notice, however, that there was a section of the score that borrowed 5 very recognizable notes from Horner’s previous ‘Enemy at the Gates’ score. Being a film score buff, that bothered me a bit. But I guess when you’ve composed as many scores as James Horner has, you begin to run out of fresh material eventually.

    The thing that makes this movie a MUST SEE in the theater is the 3-D. I’ve seen plenty of 3-D movies that felt clunky and gimmicky. You know the ones: most of the movie looks pretty normal and 2-D but then they occasionally shoot something out into the audience to remind you that you’re watching a 3-D movie. This is not one of those movies. The 3-D element of the film felt so amazing and natural, it transports you instantly into an other-world environment. Elements like flying bugs and falling ash are displayed so wonderfully, that you almost want to swat them away to clear your vision. Even something simple like displaying a crowd of people is done so magnificently, you feel like you’re standing there in the middle of them. There are no gimmicks or trickery here, just pure 3-D perfection.

    I consider myself fairly critical of movies, especially once I step out of the theater and process what I have just watched. I have no problems giving this movie 5-stars, however. The story is so fun; the visuals are amazing; the technical achievements are out of this world. This is the best movie of the year, by far!

  3. Ahmed: 🙂 .

    Dave: What a great comment! It’s like having a review in a review :). I agree with everything you said.

    I hate the gimmicky 3D stuff. Those bugs and the floating ash was so realistic that it was all I could think about after. And the flowers and the creatures. AMAZING.
    I also liked the scene when they were praying for Sigourney Weaver. Mesmerizing.

  4. Another thing I loved was that I didn’t have to suspend my belief in order to be immersed in this film. I just felt a part of it the entire time. It doesn’t matter that the movie lasts for 3 hours because you don’t want it to end.

    Even the littlest details got noticed. In the part where they are getting ready to escape from the base and are loading up in the helicopter, I loved how they had to take off the vent covers first before firing up the engines. Of course they would have to do that; after all, that’s how such vehicles are stored when inactive. They couldn’t just hop in and fire it up and fly away like in most movies. To repeat myself, I really loved the detail in this movie.

  5. Not only that, Jake Sullys legs are so realistic, they look like they haven’t been used. They did a good job with it.

    Loved the villains performance by the way.

    And the Avatars looked so similar to the real characters.

  6. This makes me want to watch the movie again! seriously! it was amazing…when the fire was on, the ashes and flames were surrounding us, I had to move my head a lil bit :p and when they were praying, I felt as if their hands were rubbing my knees!

    I really would love to watch it again! in 3D as well…

  7. If I am to watch it again I would love to see it in IMAX. I saw it in a regular 3D theater.

  8. Hay 7aki,

    By coincidence, your blog is the first one i check after just coming back from the movie!

    I saw it in 3D alright, and it was my first 3D experience, but I don’t know why it didnt really feel as real as you are putting it! I believe it has to do with the fact that I saw it in Egypt and maybe the glasses/screen were not that good. To tell you the truth, I even got a headache 😀

    But nonetheless, it was really… original!!

  9. It’s three and a half hours 😦

  10. Roba, Wikipedia has it running at 2.68 hours (161 minutes). Add in the previews and you have a full 3 hours, but trust me, you don’t feel it at all. At the end, you’ll be wishing it was still going.

  11. Roba: Trust me on this one, you HAVE to go.

  12. gjoez: 3D sometimes makes some people dizzy, did you know that? I don’t know hte technology used in Egypt but here it was SO realistic.

  13. We watched it again in 3D today but not in IMAX this time…to be honest, I couldn’t feel the difference :p not even Jeeej…We loved it as much if not more 😉

  14. I already saw it twice. Mind blowing. I want to see it again. 3D does give me a headache but it’s so worth it. Ruba. I’ll go with you if you want.

  15. ooo i wanna see it kid friendly?? is it snowing on your blog?

  16. Hey Sam, longtime no see! How’s the baby?

    Well let me see, my daughter is easily scared of stuff, I think if the kid is 7 or 8maybe? It depends on the kid.

    And yes, it snows in December on my blog 😀 .

  17. I watched it. Indeed it was amazing-as a movie is expected to be if directed by James Cameron. I’m not reviewing though since half the blog world already has LOL.

    However it should be noted that if you have any type of motion sickness you should probably avoid watching it in 3D.

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