Little 7aki: Is Damn a bad word?

Me: What do you think?

Little 7aki: I think it’s bad.

Me: Yes. It is considered bad to some people . Some people find it offensive.

Little 7aki: I think my friend “B”  thinks it’s bad.

Me: How did you know? Did he tell you that?

Little 7aki: No, I inferred it.

Me: 😯 .

Infer? Who in this world is 5.5 years old and says infer????


She still can’t spell but she can infer things.

Happy New year to all of my wonderful readers and friends, may this year not suck 🙂 .


11 Responses

  1. Interesting ! I am 24 years old and never encountered a situation to use such a word, it seems you little daughter has eloquence much more than me !

    You have such a nice blog, I was looking for “Skydiving in Jordan” and your article showed up,

    Keep up the good work dear

  2. Smart 5 year old 🙂

  3. Hilarious.

  4. I am glad you inserted the link to the dictionary. I consider myself excellent in English but GOD, infer? hehehehe

  5. Hut ijjaara 3ala tumha, ooo titla3…Lil 7aki!

  6. Banana: Thanks for dropping by 🙂

    Roba: 3o2bal ma you have a smart five year old 😛 . LOL.

    Dave: I KNOW!

    Lubna: I honestly was shocked when I heard it .

    kinzi: hehehe

  7. she’ll start using “deduce” soon. I have my eyes on this girl.

  8. Good job 7aki! JuniorBean started saying “that’s not acceptable in this house” when she was like 3. They say what they hear ;).

  9. Hamza: Long time no see 🙂 .

    MommaBean: Kids truly surprise sometimes don’t they. Little 7aki always says big words but this time it was unusual AND in the right context! Doubly cool.

    I am glad you dropped by, guess what, little 7aki yesterday read her first book. While she was reading I could not contain my excitement .

    I remembered your five year old 🙂 .

  10. Ahhh she’s so adorable! Credit goes to you and hubs!

  11. Don’t know about hubs, I think it’s all me. LOL

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